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On the Waterfront: Tour this oceanside apartment on Sentosa

By: Amy Brook-Partridge; photography by Michael Bernabe

It’s been four years since we first met with Kathy Dunderdale. Back then, she and her family – husband Ian and children Chloe and Alex – were six years into their Singapore stay and living in a three-storey house in Coronation Road. Now they live in a Sentosa condo and have a 44-foot sailboat in the marina.

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I arrive at Kathy and Ian’s Sentosa Cove waterfront condo and am whisked directly from the lift into their living room, with its panoramic views across the water. “The landscape changes so much when you look out – it’s like a moving canvas,” says Kathy. “You can sometimes spot your friends out there on their boats, and it’s just amazing when you see the lightning shows across the water.”

The family’s aquatic interests don’t stop at sitting on the balcony and watching the boats go by, or indeed the lightning strike. Kathy and Ian invested in a two-bedroom, 44-foot Jeaneau sailboat, Vesper 7, after moving to The Cove five years ago.

“Ian ordered the boat without knowing how to sail; but when he puts his mind to something he just does it, and he took the courses and passed his exams before the sailboat arrived,” says Kathy. “Getting a boat is definitely a lifestyle choice. It’s an investment that has to be maintained, as when you live on the sea, things disintegrate fast. The trade-off is that we get to sail every weekend.”

Landed interests
With the help of daughter Chloe, an art history graduate, Kathy and Ian have become dedicated art collectors. “Dad began collecting purely what he liked, but he has now progressed towards making the collection better,” says Chloe. Kathy and Chloe show me their most recent acquisition, a large piece by Indonesian artist, Heri Dono. “This was one of his last mixed-media pieces, as he has now moved on to sculpture. We worked with Equator Art Projects at Gilman Barracks to acquire this piece,” Chloe explains.

The apartment is covered with an eclectic mix of artwork and accessories – unsurprising, as Kathy herself has lived the expat life for 35 years in a multitude of different countries. The family’s most recent move from Coronation Road saw her sell and give away some pieces of furniture, put other pieces in storage, and call on designer Chloe Elkerton who now runs E&A Interiors to furnish the Sentosa condo. The result is an interesting mix.

Kathy also conducts her jin shin jyutsu practice from her treatment room in the apartment, and has a strong base of regular clients. “I’ve being doing this work now for 15 years. The progressive Singapore medical community is increasingly looking for complementary therapies,” she tells me. Jin shin jyutsu, she explains, is a highly refined form of acupressure that can release the cause of acute and chronic conditions, restore emotional balance, increase energy and calm the body.

Home Style
When I ask Kathy about her personal style, she says she’s completely down the middle. “I can be classic Chanel up and down, but then I can also be boho. Some days I’ll be very pearly and put together, and other days more relaxed.” This style is reflected in her surroundings, too, and that – mixed with and the rest of the family’s interests and influences – makes for a fascinating home.

Kathy Dunderdale
Kathy Dunderdale


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