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What role did you play in the Christmas show at school? EL tells all

Do you remember being in Christmas plays at school? Whether it was a classic nativity scene or livelier festive musical, most of us have had our two seconds of fame on the stage. Here, the EL team ‘fesses up to their biggest roles…


Fairly sure none of our plays looked this peaceful... 

Lara Sage, Sales Manager – Joseph
“We grew up in South Africa in the 80’s and 90’s as part of a sugar cane farming community, in an area known as Zululand. When I was about 11 years old, I was cast as Joseph in the church nativity (partly due to a shortage of enthusiast boys in the district, but also quite possibly due to my bad haircut at the time). My seven-year-old sister Sarah was cast as a very pretty and endearing Mary. However, on the night of the show, Sarah suddenly got the notion that someone might think her ‘Joseph’ (enacted by her own sister, no less) was a real boy making moves on her. She spent the entire nativity show horrified, nudging my arm off her shoulder as we sat beside the manger. If memory serves me correctly, she was cast as a sheep the following year!”

Rachael Wheeler, Online Editor – Mary
“My nativity highlight was being picked to wear the prized blue dress that I’d seen generations of six year olds shrug into for the starring role of the school nativity. Being a proper little show-off, I was beside myself with joy (I was a bit worried that it meant I’d have to marry my Joseph – Sam Bowd – but decided it was worth it). I thought I must have been selected for my acting prowess, when – in actuality – I was the only kid who was loud enough to belt three sentences (my full script) across the school’s dusty church. It was a fine day – and the beginning and end of my acting career.”

Natalie Whittell, Brand Communications Manager – an angel
‘I was an angel (naturally) but everything didn’t go all that smoothly during my play. During one of the rehearsals, a climbing frame fell of the wall and trapped Mary underneath! It was like a proper 999 moment. Drams. It was a miracle (!) that she didn’t get injured. About 10 years later, my teacher told me I should apply to be on Hollyoaks, so I was obviously quite brilliant in the play.’

Michelle Wonderland, Online Editor – Ebeneezer Scrooge
“I played Ebenezer Scrooge in the musical version of A Christmas Carol at school. I was fabulous.”

Katherine Allaway, New Business – Baboushka
“I played Baboushka in our school play of Baboushka and the Three Kings when I was about eight. I was a very keen actress and this performance convinced everyone I was going to be a star – I ended up in IT (how did that happen?)”

Grace Bantaran, Subscription & Administration – a reindeer
“When I was very young, I played a reindeer that had to follow Santa around the stage. Because I was so little, I lost focus and ended up being left behind my reindeer crew! Most embarrassing and I probably got a good telling off.”

Cherylene Chan, Junior Online Editor – an angel
“I played an angel, where I had to sing carols. All I really remember was scratching away in the really itchy costume, so I can’t imagine it was particularly pleasant to watch or listen to.”

Amy Brook-Partridge, Homes and Property Editor – the donkey
‘I’m still not ready to talk about this.’

What role did YOU play in the Christmas show? Tell us in the comments box below! Merry Christmas!