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What is Black Friday and how can I snare a bargain?

If you’re on the hunt for some Christmas bargains, then take a day’s leave on November 24 for Black Friday! This amazing shopping phenomenon happens once a year, after Thanksgiving, leaving just enough time to get those presents sorted. Snare yourself some cool ski-wear for that planned ski trip or maybe some new gear for the kids’ bedrooms? This is one of those chances to treat yourself to a few high-value items and not feel too guilty about it! El chats to Picodi, an online discount code service to find out what all the fuss is about,  plus we get their top tips for bagging those all-important bargains on the day:

So, what is Black Friday?

First introduced in the middle of the twentieth century in the United States, Black Friday quickly gained recognition over the world. The name itself may have come from two sources – some people claim it comes from the way the shops’ revenue was recorded as ‘in the black,’ which meant that they sold more goods on that particular day, than at any other time of year. Another theory is that when people madly drove their cars to stores, they would leave black skid marks on the streets.

Whatever the origin of the holiday, it is always celebrated on the same day – Friday following Thanksgiving. This is when the pre-Christmas shopping promotions start, and in fact, the holiday itself has traditionally been extended to the so called Cyber Monday. You have four whole days which you can devote to finding literally any products you’ve been meaning to buy but normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

The first Singaporean Black Friday was celebrated just a few years ago, and before that, very few people knew what it actually was. Since its beginning, sales at all the shops the island skyrocket, and people equip themselves with all the latest technology from home essentials, consumer electronics, to fashion and beauty. There are no boundaries to what you can buy on Black Friday.

Grab some bargains this coming Black Friday

1. Preparation is key

Check out what is available in stores a few days in advance, because chances are you’ll get the same products much cheaper on Black Friday. Browse beforehand and add products to your wish list or cart now. Alternatively, make a list of desired products, so when the big day comes you can checkout easily. Making up your mind up prior to the day will save you time on 24 November, meaning smarter, savvier shopping!

2. Use an online discount code platform

There is a secret entrance enabling you to avoid all the retail madness and shop in the comfort of your own home or your office desk.  Picodi allows you to find deals from some of your favourite online stores, including Zalora, Lazada, and Charles and Keith to name a few!

Mark 24 November in the diary for some serious retail therapy!

3. Keep all shopping sites in one browser tab and have all credit cards at the ready!

Save time on the day by having all the shopping websites you want to buy from, open. No need to constantly refresh. Remember, in the online shopping sale game, every second counts!

To make things even easier, Picodi has introduced a special Black Friday page dedicated to all Black Friday deals available online. All promotional offers and promo codes to various international and local stores are gathered there. With such a handy tool you are bound to find a suitable discount from the vast array of deals.

Have you made your wish list?

Sign up to  Picodi to make the most of Black Friday!