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Three anti-ageing treatments that will help turn back time

It’s never too late to slow down the ravages of time on your skin. Just ask three of our staff who tried an array of anti-ageing treatments at an aesthetic clinic here in Singapore.

Anti-ageing treatments in Singapore
The calming interiors instantly put you at ease

At EstheClinic, the focus is on results driven, non-invasive procedures that help you look and feel better. Along with anti-ageing treatments, they also offer permanent hair removal, help tackle acne scars and cellulite as well as fight hair loss. Before starting the treatment, each client undergoes a thorough consultation to determine the condition of their skin and the treatment best suited for them. Here’s what our staff had to say about the procedures recommended for them.

Verne Maree, South African

Skin concern: The inevitable signs of ageing, including dullness, sagging and fine lines.

Solution: LED Photomodulation for rejuvenation, combined with micro-needling, over six to 10 sessions, done once or twice a week with each lasting about 30 minutes.

Though I’ve tried various light-based treatments, this is the first time I’m undergoing LED (light-emitting diode) Photomodulation. I’m happy to undergo the treatment, as this is much gentler than any form of laser or IPL, and there’s absolutely no risk of burning. It aims to give dull skin a boost, as well as subtly address uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

EstheClinic Singapore, anti-ageing treatments Singapore, LED Photomodulation Singapore, LED for anti-ageing
All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the light


It works by using natural and variable wavelengths of light to stimulate cellular activity and the production of new collagen; or, depending on need, to kill the bacteria associated with acne.

Depending on the program chosen by the therapist, the machine emits different colours from the light spectrum to specifically treat different problems. A blue light works well for acne; the anti-ageing mode uses red and yellow lights to stimulate collagen and repair damaged cells; infra-red is especially good for healing.

anti-ageing treatments in Singapore, micro needling, EstheClinic
Though it sounds painful, it doesn’t hurt a bit


First, though, comes the derma-booster: after the application of the CosmeLED serum, a small roller covered with lots of little needles is rolled over the entire face to improve circulation and bring blood to the capillaries, making my skin more receptive to the serum, and – through its attraction to the haemoglobin in the blood – enhancing the effect of the light that is to follow. This micro-needling is neither deep nor strong enough to break the skin; it’s just enough to bring on a temporary pink flush.

For the LED Photomodulation, my eyes are shielded with goggles, the light is activated and I’m left alone for about 20 minutes. And after the addition of a layer of cream, I’m on my way.

Verdict: Skin tone is better and brighter; and, best of all, I take away a Le DermaBooster ($40) roller of my own to continue using a couple of times a week, together with the two CosmeLED products:

* the lightweight Le Serum ($130) that contains full molecules of encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid to better hydrate the skin, and an extract of chlorophyll – a powerful plant-based antioxidant

* the luxurious Le Crème ($100) containing similar rejuvenating ingredients.

Price: From $100 for a session

Danielle Rossetti, Australian

Skin concern: Despite reasonably regular facials, my skin looks irregular as I get older – my pores look bigger, there’s redness around the T-zone and fine lines around my eyes. I look tired all the time and my skin is dull and flat.

Solution: Radiofrequency, along with IPL Rejuvenation to help revive up my skin.

The electromagnetic waves stimulate collagen production – best results are seen after weeks and months, as the skin starts to regenerate. Improvements include tighter, plumper skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment itself is lovely and relaxing – a warm massage tool is rubbed gently over your skin, working on the muscles all over your face and neck as it emits the waves. I even fell asleep a few times.

radiofrequency for anti-ageing, anti-ageing in Singapore, EstheClinic
A special handpiece is used to treat smaller areas of the face


IPL on the other hand, reduces large pores and evens out skin tone and discolourations. A little less comfortable than the Radiofrequency treatment, it uses bright flashes of broad-spectrum light, focused on specific areas of your face and neck.

It is recommended to have a Radiofrequency treatment weekly or fortnightly and IPL every three weeks, for around six to eight sessions to see results.

IPL for anti-ageing, anti-ageing treatments in singapore, EstheClinic,
Regular sessions of IPL will have you looking rejuvenated


Verdict: After the first session, the skin across my cheeks felt tighter, and after six weeks, dense, as if it was firmer under the surface. These are signs that the collagen had begun to rebuild, and would continue to do so for months to come.

My pores are noticeably smaller and my skin around the t-zone is not as red. The really fine lines around my eyes have reduced and the lines from my nose to the sides of my lips are not as deep. The true testament to the treatment was receiving compliments on how “well” I looked.

While the IPL was a little uncomfortable at times, it was never unbearable – technology and a skillful therapist meant that even the slightest wince would ensure an instant adjustment to the machine – and no more twitching!

I didn’t expect to see such a difference to my skin tone and density after a non-invasive treatment like this! The Eladerm serum and moisturiser are lovely to use, and I am now more determined than ever to wear sunscreen to avoid reversing these results.

Price: Radiofrequency $190 for a session, IPL rejuvenation from $160 for a session.

Rebecca Bisset, British

Skin concern: Trying to keep ahead, or at least up, with gravity. After 50 you can definitely see a difference in your skin – there seems to be a lot more of it than before, but in the wrong places. The challenge is to make sure it’s plumped without putting on weight.

Solution: A combination of Radiofrequency and LED Photomodulation.

Using two different hand pieces – a larger one for the neck and jawline and a smaller one for the areas around the eyes and nose – Radiofrequency is used to help stimulate collagen growth and help tighten the skin. The therapist concentrates on the problem areas: fine lines around the eyes, laugh lines, deep nasolabial folds and the like. They do half the face at a time, and you can see the difference instantly. The effect is ongoing though, as collagen production is stimulated and continues to regenerate long after the treatment is done. The 40-minute session is followed by LED Photomodulation.

anti-ageing treatments in Singapore, anti-ageing, radiofrequency for antiageing, EstheClinic
Radiofrequency stimulates collagen for tighter, plumper skin


This gentle treatment helps to stimulate cellular activity and production of collagen. The treatment is customised to each individual’s needs, depending on their specific skin concerns. My treatment was a mix of yellow and red lights to target ageing skin and help rejuvenate it. It’s recommended to go through at least eight to 10 sessions to get the best results.

Verdict: It’s such a lovely, calming process. Unlike other treatments that can get quite uncomfortable, the hand piece for Radiofrequency feels like a warm ball rolled around on the face. The LED Photomodulation session only requires you to be under a bright light for a few minutes, so there was no problem at all. Overall I think my skin is looking rejuvenated and I look rested. Even the general tone seems better.

Price: Radio Frequency from $190 for a session; LED Photomodulation from $100 for a session

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