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Your blokey guide to holiday packing

Now, we’re not talking about packing for that boring two-day business trip. You’ve got that down to the T – the universal black pants, 2 plain shirts, a tie and don’t forget the socks! – but when it comes to leisure trips, you’re ready to throw your hands up in the air and pay the missus to pack for you. Here are our tips.

Packing tips

1. Check the weather
Live in Asia long enough and you can forget that there are more weather variations out there then just hot, humid and wet. You never know what Mother Nature has in store for you; it can be 16 degree Celsius in the day but when evening rolls around, it might be a whole new ball game.

Bonus if you have a friend living there who can give you actual in-person weather update because, as we all know, weather forecast are only semi-accurate.

2.  Create a packing list      
We can all agree that blindly stuffing the nearest clean clothes your hand can reach into your luggage three hours before your light is not the way to go. To avoid missing out the important items like your phone charger or (God forbid) over packing your luggage with useless stuff, try out packing apps such as Packing Pro or TripList.

Of course, make sure you go over your itinerary and bring the necessary gears. 

3. Pack efficiently
Understand that packing is like putting a puzzle together: you can’t just dump them all in and expect everything to fit. Stuff your shoes with socks (in zip-lock bags, for hygiene purposes), pack your lightest shoe and wear the heaviest, roll small items such as underwear and t-shirts into tight rolls and use them to line the perimeter of the luggage.

Top Tip
Everything looks better on a killer bod. If you can’t use the hotel gym while travelling, bring along a skipping rope and your running shoes for a quick 20-minute work out.