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Yoga Singapore: The best part time jobs teaching prenatal yoga and teacher training classes

As 2016 draws near and the malaise of being a desk jockey has you starting a new job search, you may have considered changing careers altogether. Instead of staring at a computer screen all day, crunching numbers until your thumbs go numb, consider one of the best part time jobs in Singapore – teaching yoga classes to women during pregnancy. A career as a prenatal yoga instructor can be exactly what you need for the new year, providing the feel-good factor that’s lacking in your current job. It’s fun, it’s flexible, and it can be a lot more lucrative than you think. If you’re serious about taking the plunge into a rewarding new career, start working toward your goal by joining a globally recognized yoga teacher training program (RPYT) through Yoga Alliance. Here are some things to consider if you’re looking to become a certified yoga instructor in 2016.


Think about the length of time you need for training to become a prenatal certified yoga instructor
Most yoga teacher training programs to become a certified instructor are three- to four-weeks long. Full-time options include training in exotic locations like Bali, Thailand, and Australia, as well as part-time teacher training programs in Singapore.  For busy executives and full-time moms, you can opt to choose the part-time teacher training program in Singapore, available on weekends, for a seamless transition in your career. Hom Yoga Singapore offers a weekends-only, part-time prenatal yoga teacher training course from mid-February to mid-March 2016. At the end of your training, you’ll receive the distinguished Yoga Alliance official certification recognized around the globe for its high standard in instructor training programs.

Why choose the Yoga Alliance RPYT certification over other prenatal yoga teacher training classes and programs?
In Singapore, yoga teachers are not required to be certified by Yoga Alliance to guide students through their yoga journey. But what sets a Yoga Alliance teaching certification apart from others is that it guarantees a standard of education that each teacher trainee receives. Yoga studios are well-versed in the powerhouse of YA-certified teacher training programs, and employers can trust the quality of yoga teachers trained via Yoga Alliance. Earning the YA certification transcends other training programs because it is considered the standard for quality teaching.

What is an average salary for yoga teachers in Singapore? Does this change with the RPYT prenatal yoga qualification?

Yoga instructors in Singapore can earn anywhere from S$40 per class. When a yoga instructor earns the RPYT certification to teach prenatal yoga, a teacher’s per-class rate can skyrocket due to the targeted knowledge required to instruct women during pregnancy. Earning the specialty certification from Yoga Alliance can see rates raised to over S$100 for group classes, and more for private yoga classes for pregnant women.

Where do you teach yoga once you earn a yoga teacher training certificate?
Because yoga classes don’t require machines or tables, prenatal yoga can be taught anywhere. The demand for prenatal yoga teachers in Singapore is high due to few instructors having earned the certification to teach yoga to pregnant women. If you’re already employed by a studio that doesn’t offer prenatal yoga classes, you may be able to request a higher per-class rate so that your studio is able to offer these specialty classes.

Where can you earn the Yoga Alliance RPYT certification for prenatal yoga in Singapore?
There are a variety of courses available to earn the YA certification. Opt for a course with a lead trainer who is knowledgeable in birth options and wellness for pregnant women, as well as a syllabus packed with additional information to learn how to teach postnatal yoga and yoga for labor. The Hom Yoga 85-hour RPYT certification course through Yoga Alliance offers a comprehensive program that includes a vast amount of techniques, training and insight from an established lead instructor in the field, and is available over four weekends.

Here’s to you and your new career in 2016!