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Winners of Expat Living Photo Competition 2017

Once again, hundreds of fantastic photos flooded EL’s inboxes for the eight annual Expat Living Photo Competition. Thank you to everyone who entered their beautiful images. Whether it was a close-up of a leopard in Sri Lanka, a gorgeous Jaipur sunset or a scene from a Thaipusam festival, one thing’s for sure – there’s serious talent here in Singapore.

Congrats to all the winners! You’ll be hearing from us soon.

Pacujawi (Cow Race)

Grand Prize Winner:

Pacujawi (Cow Race) by David Wirawan

“This traditional culture game started about several hundred years ago. Initially, it was an activity for farmers after finishing their rice harvest in the paddies. The attraction has now become a cultural heritage event in Tanah Datar, Padang, in West Sumatra.

For this shot, I used a Canon EOS 7D and Canon zoom lens 70-200 f/4L USM. I waited until the cows came into frame, and the mud splash was a great bonus, giving the image motion. The lighting was really great at that time, and the sun shone perfectly. I love this ‘action sports’ photo as I can feel the dynamic movement with the perfect lighting.” – David Wirawan

Judges’ comments
“This is a powerful and dramatic photograph. It’s clearly framed to give a real thrilling sense of the moment from an exciting viewpoint in front of the action.” – Kate Griffiths

“This is a great moment, captured beautifully and with a high degree of photographic skill. I love the chromaticity of the colours and the dynamics of movement. Yet, no detail is lost, not the tiniest drop of water. Looking at this picture, you can almost feel the water splashing and the cows coming right at you out of the frame.” – Eva Morawietz

“Love the energy in this shot. You can sense the rumble of the hooves and hear the splashing of the water. It’s a real moment.” – James Brook-Partridge

Grand Prize

The grand prize winner receives a two-night stay at contemporary-chic urban oasis COMO Metropolitan Bangkok located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The luxurious stay also includes daily breakfast, a set dinner for two at Nahm restaurant and a one-hour massage for two at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape. comohotels.com/metropolitanbangkok


Colours by Andrey Petrov


Colours by Andrey Petrov

“This was taken during the ‘Let’s Play Holi’ event at the Esplanade in Singapore. That was my first Holi and I was very excited, so I was trying to illustrate how colourful the celebration was. What I like about this particular picture is its dynamics, and the way the powder is spreading; I was lucky to catch the moment, and the colours themselves – blue, yellow and orange – and the way they mixed.” – Andrey Petrov

Judges’ comments
“This stood out to me because the colours worked so well together and the expression on the festival-goer’s face has been frozen using a fast shutter speed to capture the fun and excitement of the moment; yet there’s just enough blur to make the colourful flour seem like it is softly wrapping around his face like smoke. Very cleverly captured.” – Kate Griffiths

 “Colourful, dynamic and fun – celebrating life itself.” – Eva Morawietz

“The fun and colour of the Holi festival wonderfully captured.” – James Brook-Partridge

Runner-up Prize

The runner-up receives $600 worth of vouchers to Shiraz Restaurant in Clarke Quay. In addition to an extensive menu of authentic Persian cuisine including mouthwatering kebabs, chargrilled meats, fish and vegetables, baked flatbreads and aromatic Persian stews, Shiraz features a lively atmosphere with Persian beats and belly dancing every night of the week. shirazfnb.com


Magical Moments by Lemjay Lucas

The Great Outdoors:

Magical Moments by Lemjay Lucas

“Glorious shafts of light beam through the magnificent slot canyons during midday, when the sun is at its peak. Before capturing this photo, I had to pause for a while and appreciate the spectacular moment that was transpiring right before my eyes. It was pure magic.” – Lemjay Lucas

Judges’ comments
“Right place, right time. The light looks like a waterfall, and the colours are vivid and striking. An awesome shot.”  – James Brook-Partridge

“This image shows great skill as a photographer – using the perfect exposure to show detail in the shadows and the light, and waiting for the right moment for the light to pour in. The use of a slow shutter speed has made a photograph to show the light twirling with the breeze, creating a soft and gentle swirl in the pillars of light as they come down to the floor.” – Kate Griffiths


Dante's Inferno, First Circle by Justin Fernando


Dante’s Inferno, First Circle by Justin Fernando

“As I looked up at this block of flats in Hong Kong, the sky was glowing orange, and it immediately triggered a feeling of The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. This feeling of solitude yet sadness needed to be captured. Just like the first circle in the poem, we all are living in some point of limbo in our lives.” – Justin Fernando

Judges’ comments
“A fascinating and beautiful shot. The colours are amazing, and the angle of the shot gives it real scale. This feels very sci-fi for some reason; I could look at it for ages.” – James Brook-Partridge

“What a great colour of the sky and what a perspective! The title is Dante’s Inferno, but I first thought of a scene from a sci-fi flick: somehow techy, cool and totally surreal!” – Eva Morawietz


A Rite of Passage by Glenn Elvy


A Rite of Passage by Glenn Elvy

“This was taken in Bagan, Myanmar. After a few hours of speeches, singing and dancing, the main event for the boys and girls of joining the monastery comes closer. The monks shave the heads and the hair is caught in a cloth held by the parents or relatives.” – Glenn Elvy

Judges’ comments
“This is a beautiful image. Observational. A young child embarking on a stage of his life that few of us will understand; not sure he does – but there is not a sign of fear or worry in his eyes. Love it.” – James Brook-Partridge

“A fascinating image. Not only is there an immediate curiosity about what’s going on, but it’s also nicely composed. The blurred object in the foreground creates a feeling of intimacy – we’re not getting a direct look, and the scene is slightly concealed, like the photographer wanted to keep a respectful distance. We all know the shaven head as a signature trait of monks, so one can only guess that we are looking at an important sacred ritual.” – Eva Morawietz


Flower Farmer Smoking the Chillum Pipe by Sheena King

Culture and Heritage:

Flower Farmer Smoking the Chillum Pipe by Sheena King

“I captured this moment in the early morning during a flower auction in Jaipur, India. I was drawn to this farmer because his presence was so calming and peaceful as he perched on a flower crate in the morning sun, waiting for the auction to commence. I loved how he was savouring every drag of his chillum, unperturbed by the hustle and bustle of the flower market around him or by the intrusive photographer – me!” – Sheena King

Judges’ comments
“I like the detail and hues in this photograph, which has been put together well through the photographer’s close-up viewpoint and tight cropping, and the choice of shutter controls to let the smoke gently blur into the mist-like effect.” – Kate Griffiths

“A wonderful shot of a moment in time. The world is a fascinating place full of diverse and fascinating people and cultures. This is a version of someone nipping out for a cigarette.” – James Brook-Partridge

Category Winners Prize

Each of our category winners receive a Laurent-Perrier Champagne Afternoon Tea for two (worth $120) at Atrium restaurant at Pan Pacific Singapore; winners can choose between a Peranakan or a traditional English afternoon tea, paired with one glass of Laurent-Perrier bubbles. panpacific.com/en/hotels-resorts/singapore/marina.html


Video: Family Moments

Video by: Brian Kennett

“Baby Jude knocks it out of the park on the beautiful beaches of Sentosa!” – Brian Kennett


The winner will receive a Laurent-Perrier Champagne Afternoon Tea for two (worth $120) at Atrium restaurant at Pan Pacific Singapore; winner can choose between a Peranakan or a traditional English afternoon tea, paired with one glass of Laurent-Perrier bubbles. panpacific.com/en/hotels-resorts/singapore/marina.html


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The Great Outdoors






Culture and Heritage