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Why you don’t want to miss this upcoming wine fair

The festive season is nearly upon us! With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, we’re out to hunt down the perfect bottle for the next celebration. If you’re planning a party, here’s the perfect chance to find your favourite vino: Italian wine online retailer Bacco Wines is hosting a Boutique Italian Wine Fair on 25 November, from 2pm to 6pm. Held four times a year, the four hour-long vino bonanza will feature over 20 highly-awarded labels from all over the Italian peninsula – and yes, you’ll get to try them!


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Find your favourite vino at discounted prices

What to expect

Launched last year in October, the fair offers wine novices and enthusiasts a new way to explore a wide range of organic Italian vino. Apart from sampling over 20 tasting pours of organic wines from small, boutique wineries, you’ll enjoy exclusive sale prices on Bacco’s range of wines, wine glasses, wine fridges, wine guides and extra virgin olive oil from its organic Calabrian winery iGreco. Feeling lucky? Enter the online lucky draw and stand a chance of winning a bottle of bubbles. We’re not revealing too much for now, but you can read below to find out what went down during past wine fairs!


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Don’t miss this exciting wine fair

Past events

Held just last month, Bacco’s September Boutique Italian Wine Fair featured over 20 wines split into different movie themes. First up, guests were treated to wines from “The Usual Suspects”, aka global grapes that flourish in Italian vineyards, such as Sauvignon, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. This included the award-winning Guado De’ Gemoli 2009 Doc (Chiappini), a full-body, dry Bordeaux-blend in Tuscan-style – perfect for pairing with a steak.

Next they moved to “The Italian Job” to explore some of Italy’s key local and endemic grapes, such as Trebbiano, Barbera and the popular Barolo from the Nebbiolo grape. Then, seven more wines were introduced under the title “The Magnificent Seven” to highlight lesser known grapes and wine styles, including an orange wine from Friuli and a wine made from the ancient Gaglioppo grape of Calabria. Things ended on a sweet note with “La Dolce Vita”, which featured three sweeter wines to pair with cheese and desserts.


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Find the right bottle for your desserts

In May, the Boutique Italian Wine Fair focused on food pairing, with over 20 bottles categorised into three stations. The Light and Lively station – which featured light-body wines to pair with appetisers, salads and dishes like chicken rice and sushi – included the Pinot Nero Rodel Pianezzi 2009 IGT by passionate winemaking duo Pojer & Sandri, who are known for their organic vineyards and innovative cellar. The Aromatic and Spicy station, on the other hand, showcased aromatic wines that complement spicy dishes including Indian curry, Thai salad and Malaysian rendang. Lastly, the Full and Flavoursome station highlighted full-body wines to pair with rich dishes like roast meats and barbecue. As with all other Bacco events, guests were treated to homemade dishes like pasta, ragu, dips and homemade breads. 


Don’t miss

A special code, only for our readers! Enjoy discounted tickets by booking online with the code EL2511 upon checkout. You’ll also be automatically entered into the exclusive Expat Living lucky draw, where you’ll stand a chance to win a set of organic wine and extra-virgin olive oil.

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