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Why you should steam your clothes

Finding the right ironing solution to care for your clothes can involve a good amount of trial and error. Steaming is one of the safest options, especially for all those summery tops, shorts and dresses, says SUSANNAH JAFFER.

The Laurastar Lift also comes in a range of pretty colours to match your individual tastes (and perhaps your décor!)

Typically, a move to Singapore means saying farewell to all semblance of outerwear, and swapping woolly fabrics, leather and suede in favour of tropics-friendly cotton, linen and tencel. Breathable and light, these materials can save the day when the temperatures soar, but they do tend to require a more sensitive touch after washing and drying.

There’s nothing more painful than ruining a beautiful dress at the ironing stage – either with a too-heavy hand or by not reading the instructions properly. (Trust me, I’ve been there and learnt the hard way!)

For that reason, a steamer, or an iron with a good steam function, can be your best bet. Not only is it able to protect the beauty of finer fabrics like crepe, lace or tulle, it will also do justice to thicker denim, polyester or nylon.

Laurastar Lift can be used upright as a traditional steamer, or lifted up onto an ironing board

Nowadays, good steam generators use an ultrafine steam for faster smoothing action. The Laurastar Lift is just one example. Interestingly enough, I discovered that this model by the Swiss ironing brand is actually a portable, professional grade iron head that you can either use upright like a traditional steamer, or lift up onto an ironing board. The latter isn’t troublesome, as it feels light enough to carry in one hand from one room to another.

Using something called dry steam technology, it diffuses steam evenly and doesn’t moisten fabrics upon contact, which means no more annoying water splotches. Its automatic setting emits short, powerful bursts of steam to release wrinkles quickly and easily, needing only one or two strokes. Design details like this mean that even delicate materials retain their original texture and shape, whether it’s silk, cupro, chiffon, velvet, cashmere or even mohair that you’re dealing with.

If you prefer a fully integrated ironing board setup with a blowing or vacuum feature, the powerful Laurastar System Range is another option. It still comes equipped with a protective soleplate for delicate fabrics, but also includes a heat-resistant iron mat, an anti-scale water filter refill and an accessory where you can hang clothes in the queue for steaming – a thoughtful touch!

Did you know?

As official fashion partner for Singapore Fashion Week in October, the Laurastar garment care system was used to perfect the look of high-end runway outfits, including the likes of international designers Guo Pei and Naeem Khan.

Find out more at laurastar.com.sg

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