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Where to buy school shoes and trainers in Singapore

Looking for some new shoes for the school year ahead? Head to Ten Feet Tall and pick up a pair of their high-quality, classic school shoes. The store has also started carrying Asics trainers for children aged three to 18 years. While you’re there, take the chance to get your kids a new pair of kicks. Their friendly assistants will be on-hand to help them find the perfect fit! We check out some of their best sellers and get some handy shoe buying tips at the same time.

When does my child need new shoes?

School-shoe experts Ten Feet Tall suggest parents use the simple “rule of thumb” test, at least at the end of every school term:

  • Make sure the child is wearing the correct socks, that their heel is pushed to the back of the shoe and that the shoes are fastened securely.
  • Ask your child to stand up straight and tall.
  • Feel the position of your child’s longest toe in the shoe. (While this is usually the big toe, about a third of us have a second toe that’s longer than the first.)
  • To allow for growth, new shoes should have about a “mum’s thumb” width (12-14mm) between the end of the longest toe and the end of the shoe. Shoes with less than half a mum’s thumb width of space should be replaced.
Ten feet tall school shoes children running
Get the best for those little active feet

Ten Feet Tall’s top tips for foot care

  • When buying new shoes, always have your child’s feet measured for length and width using a proper measuring gauge.
  • In Singapore’s humid climate, choose shoes made from natural material (leather) to stop feet getting hot and sweaty.
  • Inspect children’s shoes for unusual signs of wear and tear(which may indicate a problem with the feet or posture) and seek advice from a podiatrist if you are concerned.
  • Also look at children’s feet regularly; inflamed nails, red pressure marks or blisters are a sign that there’s a problem with their shoes.
  • Other than rarely worn shoes, it’s best not to hand shoes down among siblings or friends as no two pairs of feet are alike.
  • Ensure children learn good foot hygiene, and that their feet are washed daily with soap and water and dried well.
  • Never force children’s feet into shoes, no matter what their age, as bones do not fully harden until the age of 18 and ill-fitted shoes can cause misshapen feet.

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