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Where to get delicious Halloween candy in Singapore

The season of spooky skeletons, scary movies and gory-looking treats is nearly upon us – yep, Halloween! We’ve gathered tips and tricks from our very own EL staff on how to perfect the celebration – including our favourite Halloween candy picks from Cold Storage. Read on for the inside scoop! 

cold storage singapore halloween candy
Get spooky!

Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Crème Skulls, $9.95

Kinder Chocobons Milk & Hazelnuts, $6.95

Campfire Ghostbusters Marshmallows, $6.95

Frankford Gummy Body Parts Candy, $12.95

Hear from the EL team:

“I think it’s clever to turn fresh oranges or mandarins into mini pumpkins with a black marker and serve them in a plastic cauldron. You can’t go wrong with a plastic skeleton either! Since moving to Singapore we’ve celebrated the spooky season by attending incredible condo Halloween parties. All the kids dress up in cute costumes and enjoy arts and craft activities. The parents organise yummy Halloween treats like bloody finger biscuits, ‘frog in the ponds’ with green jelly and chocolate frogs, and slippery worms (i.e., spaghetti!). My seven-year-old absolutely loves it!” – Pip Harry

“We usually start with friends coming over to our place for some drinks. We serve them slimy eyeball cocktails – basically vodka and cranberry, with lychees stuffed with dark grapes so they look like eyeballs. Make this kid-friendly using just cranberry juice and eyeballs, and maybe a jelly worm thrown in for good measure. Then we head out around Watten Estate for trick or treating – it’s an organised event in our neighbourhood, and a lot of the houses go all out with the decorations. The kids come back to ours and eat all the candy in front of a mildly scary movie, while the adults sit upstairs with more spooky cocktails.”  – Amy Brook Partridge


halloween candy trick or treat
Trick or treat?

“Pile up the snacks and use random objects for added spookiness. A rubber bloody hand popping up from beneath the candies is a good trick! On Halloween, we join the neighbours in dressing up our home. The kids dress up and go from door to door, playing games at each house and getting some candy, then having a scary feast at the end!” ­ – Danielle Rossetti

“For Halloween we typically do the traditional trick or treating. The kids always dress up and we go around the neighbourhood collecting candy. Also, if I have the time, I’ll decorate the garden with spooky things and put stickers in the window, too.” – Emily Finch

“My kids have a small group of friends over and we trick or treat in our neighbourhood. I decorate our home to look like ‘The Creepy Cafe’, and we hand out body-part candies and dress up like bloody cooks and waitresses. Crazy!” – Melinda Murphy


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