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Where to buy carpets in Singapore

Expat Living readers talk to Michelle Mg about their favourite carpet purchases – silk, wool and more – and how they use them to inject character to their homes.


Hedger’s Carpet Gallery

Block 15 Dempsey Road, #01-09

6462 0028

“We’ve got a number of carpets from Hedger’s Carpet Gallery – some fill an entire room, some are runners in halls and other smaller ones are by the side of beds.

Our favourite is a silk Persian Mashhad rug made in 1980. It has an unusual pomegranate design in red and gold and its texture feels more like fabric than a carpet. We felt it was too beautiful to walk on, so we hung it on the wall like a piece of art. It’s one of the first things you notice when you walk into the room.

We bought most of our rugs at carpet auctions, where we’re able to compare the different types of carpets at one time. It’s a great place to learn about carpet motifs and the regions from which they come.

We like that Peter and Alice take time to explain the origin and history behind the carpets they sell. Whether it’s attending one of Peter’s carpet talks, visiting the store or participating in one of his auctions, we’ve enjoyed learning the stories that go with our carpets. As Peter jokes, ‘I’ll sell you the carpet, the story is free.’ ”

Gary and Kerri Wilson, US


Lotto Carpets Gallery

Block 26 Dempsey Road, #01-04

6476 8784 | lottocarpets.com

“My wife and I purchased a total of 11 wool carpets from Lotto Carpets, most in the colour range of reds and browns or blues and browns.

Our first carpet was something of an impulse purchase. We knew what we were looking for in terms of colours and price, but didn’t know how to ‘look’ at carpets to fully understand what we were purchasing. That was until we met Imran and his family, who spent time teaching us how to ‘see’ carpets. We like to think of our purchases as being from the Mir family, not from a store.

A few years ago, the Mir family collected and shipped large containers of food and supplies for the people of Northern Pakistan during the flooding. It was solely the family’s effort, with no government involvement. They also helped my wife and me, who are both teachers at the Singapore American School, to raise money for the school’s outreach club through a carpet auction.

We’re very comfortable purchasing carpets from the Mir family because they are a family of givers.”

Frank Olah, US


The Orientalist

50 Cuscaden Road

#01-01 HPL House

6732 0880 | theorientalist.com

“We own four carpets from The Orientalist, and all were carefully selected to match the furniture and colour schemes of our home with the assistance of our interior designers at The ID Dept. At the sample viewing, the helpful staff recommended a few other beautiful pieces, so we made minor alterations to our choices.

While we have not had a chance to utilise their carpet cleaning services, the staff visited us on several occasions to help adjust the placement of the carpets and offered maintenance tips.

High-quality carpets are worth investing in, as you feel them and see them daily in your home. We recommend choosing colours and designs that are not too overpowering, yet have to them, so you won’t get tired of them. We believe it’s important to choose a carpet company with a strong after-sales care service to ensure your carpet stays in wonderful condition for many years to come.”

Julie Lu, US