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Where to buy carpets in Singapore: EL readers share their recommended stores

Even when the furniture is installed and the art is on the walls, what’s underfoot can still make or break a room. Our expat readers explain how they chose their carpets.


Patrick Cernin

Patrick Cernin, American
“My wife and I unanimously decided on our Gyre rug from The Rugmaker, as we thought the pattern would be an interesting addition to the simplicity of our living room. We chose a grey rug, so it wouldn’t be too loud, and we feel it complements our furniture well.

This particular carpet is from their ‘Into the Rabbit Hole’ collection, based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The pattern signifies the fall into the rabbit hole, which to me has a rather psychedelic vibe. It also indicates our new exciting journey, moving to Singapore and this new home!

The Rugmaker staff were very helpful. We were assisted by Melvyn, who was patient and really listened to our needs. He came and took measurements to see which size rug would fit best, and when we posed our concerns about dirt getting stuck in the carpet, he assured us that cleaning and maintenance would not be an issue as wool is naturally resistant to dirt and odour. He also helped with our decision to get a loop pile rug, which ultimately addressed that concern.

We looked around at a few stores, but we found most designs out there to be too traditional, with an emphasis on Persian-style rugs. A friend recommended The Rugmaker to us, as she was very pleased with the service she had received, and her beautifully customised rug.”

The Rugmaker, 1093 Lower Delta Road, #02-20 Mapletree Industrial, 6270 2823


Margaret Robbins

Margaret Robbins, American
“We’ve purchased ten carpets from Hedger’s Carpet Gallery, and I don’t rule out the possibility of that number increasing! We use them throughout our house, with five in our living area, and five upstairs in our bedrooms.

Out of the ten carpets from Hedger’s, nine are Persian carpets, and all of those are ‘city’ carpets; the only non-Persian carpet is one we just couldn’t resist, a gorgeous tribal one in rich natural dyes from northern Afghanistan. With each one, we have truly felt, as Peter Hedger says, that “we are buying a piece of art which we can walk on”.

This carpet is a Persian silk Qum; it is 100-percent pure silk pile and silk weft on a silk base, and has approximately 700 knots per square inch. It’s 2 metres by 1.2 metres, so it’s a nice size that can be moved about the house easily or hung on the wall as a piece of art. We currently have it in our bedroom, and find it a pleasure to wake up in the morning and feel its pure silk under our feet.

It is five years old, and is a signed piece. The weaver, Bahrami, spent 30 months making it. My husband and I both fell in love with the intricate one-way design of the carpet’s Tree of Life pattern.

Buying carpets from Hedger’s has been such a great experience for us, and I wouldn’t dream of sending my carpets anywhere else to be cleaned or repaired. I’ve also attended one of Peter Hedger’s carpet classes, which was extremely interesting and informative, even if you don’t plan to buy a carpet.”

Hedger’s Carpet Gallery, 15 Dempsey Road #01-09, 6462 0028


Swapna Desai

Swapna Desai, Indian
“We purchased this black, white and maroon artificial silk on cotton carpet from Gabbeh Carpets. The piece measures 220cm by 155cm, and we use it in the living room under our centre table. The Gabbeh Carpets staff brought three pieces to our home to show to us how the designs and colours worked in the interior of our house, and we purchased this one on impulse.

I believe that carpets are an essential home decoration; they can change the entire look of a room, making it cosier and grander. The design and colour should complement the interior of your house, just as this one does.

We also use both the carpet cleaning and exchange services of Gabbeh Carpet, and we’re very happy with them.”

Gabbeh Carpet, 100 Orchard Road, #02-11/12 Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, 6386 2880


Suzy Vore

Suzy and Jim Vore, American
“We have purchased several carpets from Lotto Carpets Gallery, two of our favourites being the Chi Chi and the Dhagestan. We loved them so much we had them framed, and now they take pride of place on our living room wall.

Both are 19th-century antiques from the Caucasus near the Caspian Sea in southern Russia. These tribal rugs pair beautifully on opposite sides of a doorway and are the first things you see when you walk into our home. The Dhagestan is an unusual and striking prayer rug featuring a one-directional design. The other carpet is a brightly coloured and elegant example of a Chi Chi, featuring octagons and diamonds.

Our first introduction to Lotto Carpets Gallery was at a charity auction; the Mir family (founders of Lotto Galleries) generously donated time, expertise and money to the cause. After that positive experience, we have spent many hours at the gallery, continuing to learn and finding carpets that we love. The Mirs always encourage us to look at any carpet in our home before purchasing. There is never any pressure to buy, so we always feel comfortable with our decisions. Additionally, Lotto’s extensive inventory and flexible exchange policies provide a wonderful foundation for a long-term relationship.

Our tips for anyone looking to buy a carpet is to become as educated as you can about them – their history, their meaning and what makes each type unique. Then, fall in love and buy what you love! If you do, you will enjoy your carpets every day for many years.”

Lotto Carpets Gallery, Block 26, #01-04 Dempsey Road, 6476 8784