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What movie to watch?


It’s pouring with rain and Mio TV’s offering Chinese hyper-drama, Okto Kids or a local game show. The only sanity saving option is to find a movie to watch but which one?

Refuelled Design to the rescue. The graphic design studio based in Sheffield, UK has created a movie crib sheet that makes it easy to decide what film to watch.

The oversized flow diagram has a series of questions that lead to over 200 film choices across seven genres.

Start at action/adventure, animation, comedy, crime, drama, horror/thriller or romance and then follow questions like “Fan of animals?” or “Like zombies?” to find your movie.

Each film suggestion includes an IMDB rating and the year it was made. There’s a healthy mix of old classics, cult films and blockbusters so there’s a good chance you’ll discover something you’ve not seen before.

The Find A Film Movie poster is currently a kickstarter project and has already received more than double the funding target.  Probably because each A1 size poster (841 x 594mm) costs just SGD$22 (including shipping).

Disclaimer: We can’t promise you’ll love every suggestion but it’s bound to be better than trying to figure out what’s happening in the Chinese soap opera.