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We’ve had a makeover! Check out the new EX edition


EX Magazine – the business and lifestyle mag for men in Singapore – has undergone the sort of makeover Gok Wan would have been proud to oversee.

EX is now bolder, brighter, slicker and cooler, but still as informative as ever. It’s all about style AND substance.

In the new edition, check out…

FIGHT CLUB: City slickers trade stocks, shares and punches in the white-collar boxing ring.

MONEY: How stamp collecting can earn you big bucks.

CAREER: Bouncing back from bankruptcy – the inspiring story of acclaimed architect Hans Brouwer.

CARS: We test drive Paul Newman’s favourite motor, the Porsche Cayman.

TRAVEL: There are now less than 40 Javan Rhinos left on the planet. We try to find one in the jungles of Indonesia…

BOYS’ TOYS: From Maserati speakers to doors that look like desks. Or is it the other way round…?

FITNESS: The EX Gym Challenge pits young guys against men old enough to be their dads. Who’ll come out on top?

ENTREPRENEURS: We speak to Singapore-based entrepreneurs about the highs and lows of going solo.

Pick up EX magazine at all major bookstores, newstands and convenient stores – or subscribe for free (that’s right, no monies at all) by clicking on this handy link.