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Weddings in Singapore: How to Plan a Wedding Abroad

Follow this guide to make getting married in another country
Follow this guide to make getting married in another country


Planning a wedding abroad requires a lot of preparation work that often requires dealing with time zones and currency complications. To help make the process smoother, we’ve put together a few tips to help you stay calm while plan a wedding abroad

1.Create a rough guest list to get an idea of numbers, as this will indicate the size of venue you’ll need.
2.Visit the country you’re getting married in. Give yourself as much time as possible to meet with caterers and choose a venue. If you go out of season, flights and accommodation are at their cheapest and potential venues are more likely to be available for a viewing. Get as many quotes as you can.
3.Choose a venue or venues. If you haven’t been able to make a visit, ask the establishment to provide lots of photos and to put you in touch with a couple who have already got married there.
4.Save the dates. Try and get these out as early as possible, especially important if you’ll have guests coming from all corners of the globe. You might want to build a personal wedding website which you can update as the details are firmed up. A number of companies offer a template that you can alter to suit your needs, and they will also host your website for the first 12 months for free. If you’d rather have a website without a shelf-life, it’s just as easy to create a free blog with tumblr.
5.Start looking at photographer websites, and get in touch with the venue to find out who’s taken photos there before. Compile a list of quotes, but most importantly choose the style of photography you like best.
6.The dresses. Go to a few bridal boutiques in Singapore to try on dresses in different styles and get an idea of the type of wedding dress you like. For the bridesmaids’ dresses, why not find a fabric that you love and ask your bridesmaids to send you one of their favourite dresses? You can then get it copied in the material you’ve chosen, and your bridesmaids will get a great dress that fits.
7.Flowers, décor, favours and icing. Thank goodness for the internet! These days you can order everything online, so start scouring the web for inspiration, DIY tips and competitive prices. If you find a particular flower arrangement you love, send a picture of it to your florist for a quote.
8.Give yourself at least a week at the destination before the wedding. This is particularly important if you’re crossing time zones and need to get over jetlag. It also means you can do any last-minute jobs and spend time with your family and friends in the lead-up to the big day.

The following websites you’ll want to visit again and again:

A Pinterest account is an easy way to open an online scrapbook for storing your inspiration. You can then create a mood board of the great designs and styles you find on the internet by using the “pin it” button.

This global version of a local market lists thousands of ideas for handmade wedding items produced by small business that vary from a one-man-band to a fiver-person-start-up. It’s a great place for DIY inspiration.

A wonderful website for playing with colour themes, this one can recommend complementary colours and shades.

Check in here for an exhaustive collection of wedding blogs. These all feature real weddings and give tips and style hints, covering every theme from traditional and eco-friendly to rock’n’roll and grooms’ advice.