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We reviewed these facial treatments and here’s what we found

Moving to Singapore can come with its unique set of challenges for us women and finding a place for a facial is just one of them. We’ve been there and the helpful folks that we are, we went out and tried the facials in Singapore so you don’t have to. Here’s our list of treatments that promise radiant, glowing skin as well as anti-ageing benefits.

Smita DeSouza
What I tried:
Facials at TANGS
What I found: Tucked away on the seventh floor of TANGS at Tang Plaza lies an oasis of calm. The minute you step out of the elevator doors, you’re enveloped with a sense of tranquillity that permeates the floor. Spread over a sprawling 7,000sqft, SEVIIN is the ultimate urban escape to retreat to when you need a moment or two of peace and relaxation. You can choose from a variety of luxury beauty and wellness services like signature facials and body care treatments that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated; as well as hair styling services for when you need to look your best.

Once you’ve confirmed your treatment of choice, you’re whisked away to your spa room, which further cocoons you from the bustling Orchard Road. Here you can enjoy holistic beauty therapies from Decléor, luxurious beauty services from SK-II, Chanel and Dior, transformational powers of a La Mer treatment, restorative benefits of a Shiseido facial and hair treatments with Aveda’s botanical based and paraben-free hair care products at Urbanhair by Ginrich. Post treatment, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with nibbles at the plush seating area before you’re finally ready to take on your busy world again. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

Present this webpage at SEVIIN to redeem a $20 TANGS Beauty Voucher. Redemption is valid only during May and June 2016.

To book an appointment call, or email seviin@tangs.com
310 Orchard Road.
6311 3317 | tangs.com

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The cocoon mask treatment at Le Petit Spa helps to de-stress and relax – perfect for pregnant women

Katie Peace
What I tried:
Cocoon Facial Treatment by Maria Galland
What I found: I opted for the cocoon mask treatment, which is good for when you want to de-stress and is suitable for all skin types. In addition to restoring radiance and vitality to tired skin, it also helps you relax – perfect for someone who, like me, is eight months pregnant!

Steps include cleansing, exfoliating, a cream face mask and then the signature cocoon face mask, together with a massage for the face, neck, shoulders and head that relaxes the facial features and smooths the skin. The cocoon mask is self-heating and consists of a foam mask applied over an eye serum around the eyes, a base mask smoothed over the face, and a gauze that covers the face and eyes, leaving just your nostrils free. You feel truly cocooned, and as the mask warms up, it has a very soothing effect. The result was silky soft, radiant skin and a very relaxed pregnant lady! Le Petit Spa also offers a range of prenatal and postnatal treatments, from full body massages to facials and wraps.
Cost and duration: $128, 60 minutes.

Le Petit Spa
#02-01/04 Tudor Court Shopping Gallery, 145 Tanglin Road
6733 7117 | lepetitspa.com.sg

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The So Haute Package leaves skin feeling relaxed, soft and absolutely hydrated

Smita DeSouza
What I tried:
The So Haute Package
What I found: Travel, a change in weather and looming deadlines had left my skin stressed and confused making it dull, rough and bumpy. This combination of factors meant I needed a bespoke solution and the So Haute Facial sounded perfect. The ritual starts with an in-depth consultation where the therapist takes a thorough look at your skin to determine your main concerns and your skin type. My skin was slightly dehydrated and congested – nothing unusual for someone living in Singapore’s warm, humid climate. With this information, she proceeded to pick products from the 10 different Swiss skincare brands from Haute Swiss that the So Spa carries, and customise my facial.

What followed was a cleanse and an exfoliation using a massage technique that removes dead skin but also helps strengthen collagen and lighten fine lines and wrinkles. Next, a combination of two masks – one for tired, stressed skin, and another to help clear breakouts – was applied on specific areas. I was left to relax while the masks hydrated and nourished, and tackled bacteria,respectively. I woke with skin that felt relaxed, soft and absolutely hydrated. A bonus is that the So Spa is tucked away on Sentosa, and is therefore one of the most relaxing places to get pampered.
Cost and duration: from $265, 90 minutes

So Spa
The Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa
2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa
6708 8310 | sofitel-singapore-sentosa.com

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The LING triple peel removes the build-up of dead cells and softens the skin surface before extracting impurities

Verne Maree
What I tried:
LING Triple Peel Detox Facial
What I found: It’s been ages since my last classical facial with extraction, and aesthetician Sandie can tell as she maps my face with SWUK’s multi-spectral skin analysis machine: it reveals masses of tiny blackheads infesting my nose pores, and whiteheads thriving in the rest of my T-zone. Using the LING New York skincare line, my therapist Coco does a thorough cleanse, administers a stimulating massage to face, neck and shoulders, then embarks on the signature triple peel – a glycolic acid peel, a papaya enzyme peel and a non-acidic rescue peel.

Together with a steady stream of steam to open the pores, they remove the build-up of dead cells and soften the skin surface, perfectly preparing my grimy T-zone for extraction. I won’t say I slept through this slightly wincing experience, but it’s mercifully brief and definitely necessary. No half measures here either, as two masks follow: a herbal clay clarifying mask, plus a cool ginseng moisturising mask that’s applied with a polished jade roller to soothe the skin, increase blood circulation and minimise fine lines. For the 20 minutes it’s left to work its magic, I’m off to dreamland. Next day, no extraction marks, just a great glow.
Cost and duration: $267.50, 90 minutes.

SWUK Aesthetics
#02-25 Alexandra Central, 321 Alexandra Road
6250 1326 | swukaesthetics.com

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Radio Frequency encourages collagen growth, causing tightening of these layers and gradually improving the underlying tissue structure

Rebecca Bisset
What I tried:
Radio Frequency
What I found: I wanted to do more to help my scraggy neck, and one of the options was to try microdermabrasion for the fine lines, but after seeing how Radio Frequency (RF) had worked on my face I decided to try it on my neck too. Visage The Salon has been around for a long time and still has that very traditional Indonesian feel.

The RF was nice and warm but on some parts of my neck it was a bit uncomfortable – just because there’s not much substance there; not like my padded cheeks! The machine does make a beeping noise, but generally it’s relaxing. RF is one of those treatments that works slowly and fairly continually as it affects the deeper layers of the dermis and encourages collagen growth, causing tightening of these layers and gradually improving the underlying tissue structure; but it doesn’t change the skin texture or fine lines particularly as microdermabrasion would.
Cost and duration: $390, 60 minutes

Visage The Salon
#02-12 Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road
6799 0933 

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A deep cleansing, deep hydrating facial, the Guinot Hydraclean Facial will leave your skin refreshed and glowing

The Body Firm
What to try:
Guinot Hydraclean Facial
If soaring temperatures have left your skin feeling a bit congested, rough and dehydrated, the Guinot Hydraclean Facial is for you. A deep cleansing, deep hydrating facial, it will leave your skin refreshed and glowing. First comes a deep cleanse using the patented Thermoclean Electrode. Specifically created for this treatment the electrode is heated to dilate pores and gently coax out excess sebum and toxins from the skin. The heat setting can be adjusted to a comfortable temperature for each client.

A healthier alternative to traditional steam, that can actually leave your skin dehydrated, the heat also helps the cleansing gel penetrate deeper into your skin to help ease extractions. Once you’re done with the cleanse and extractions, your therapist will proceed to massage your face to help boost circulation, promote drainage of toxins and relax the face. Additional eye treatments will tackle dark circles so you look refreshed at the end of your session.
Cost and duration: $169, 75 minutes

Special offer: Expat Living readers complimentary collagen eye treatment worth $59 only in May

The Body Firm
04-20 Delfi, 402 Orchard Road
6838 0331| thebodyfirm.com.sg

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