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VIDEO: Inside Terminal 4 at Singapore Changi Airport

The teases over at Singapore Changi Airport have just released this lovely video about Terminal 4, which looks set to be even cooler than its predecessors.

The new airport building will be filled with all sorts of goodies that you wouldn’t expect to find inside a departure or arrivals lounge, with playgrounds (for little ones and big ones!), gardens and design twists galore.


Check it out for yourselves in the two-minute clip above – it’s not often that we get excited by corporate media, but we actually felt a bit proud when the video came to an end.

Singapore sure knows how to build a kick-ass airport. Aside from all the natural light and jazzy floral design touches, our highlights from the colourful video are below…


Try not to get too carried away, however, because this bad boy wont be open until 2017.