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Video apps for short user-generated clips

Because nobody has time to watch long videos anymore, here are three mobile apps to create and watch really short and snappy user-generated videos.

Introduced in
: January 2013, after being acquired by social media giant Twitter in October 2012
Maximum clip length: Six seconds
Available on: iOS and Android version 4.0 and higher
What we think: Six seconds is a short time so it’s fair to say it takes skills and a lot of planning to make any video worth watching. Vine users seem to be the most humorous out of the bunch, and there are plenty of hilarious Vines floating around the internet at any given point in time. Don’t just take our word for it, Google it.

Video on Instagram
Introduced in: June 2013, after Instagram was acquired by Facebook in April 2012
Maximum clip length: 15 seconds
Available on: iOS and Android
What we think: Instagram, hands down, has the largest user base of the three on this list (over 130 million users at last count) and, given that Instagram offers a variety of (mostly) whimsy digital filters, it’s no surprise that the ladies are all over this.

Introduced in: August 2013, created by YouTube’s cofounders
Maximum clip length: 16 seconds per clip, up to 256 clips per video
Available on: iOS (Android coming at a later date)
What we think: This is the newest mobile video app on the block, and it allows users to create their own video by either recording original content or taking other MixBit clips and mixing them to create video compilations of up to an hour. Unlike the other two apps, there isn’t a commenting system, so we’re not too sure how it will fare among the social chat generation.