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Complete your bedroom with a stylish upholstered headboard

When styling your bedroom, choosing a headboard may not be your first priority. However, it’s important not to underestimate the impact it can have on the look and feel of your room. Singapore furniture specialists Window to the Past (WTP) offer a range of ready-made or customised upholstered headboards. We asked for some advice on what to consider when choosing the perfect crowning glory for your bed.

Why choose an upholstered headboard?

Upholstered headboards are an excellent way to inject your own personal style. Luxury or minimalist? Contemporary or classic? Masculine or feminine? The fabric, colour and headboard design you choose will all help achieve your desired effect. Upholstered headboards also add softness. This is especially important in a small bedroom. In this case, the headboard is often the only piece of furniture, so it’s a great way to add another dimension.

bedroom bed headboard
When choosing a headboard, consider the size and colour scheme of your room.

What factors should be considered when deciding on an upholstered headboard?

There are really no limits to what you can do with an upholstered headboard! The key things to think about are:

What level of comfort are you looking for?

If you spend a lot of time reading or watching TV in bed, your headboard should be well padded. If it is more for decoration, then thinner or no padding will suffice. Also, consider your height. If you are very tall, you will need a higher headboard to lean back on comfortably, and vice versa for shorter people or children.

What size headboard do you need?

Ceiling height, bed size and room size are also important factors to consider. Ready-made headboards are usually constructed to match the width of the bed. However, you can also customise your headboard to be wider if you want a more dramatic look. Do remember, the overall size of your headboard should also be in proportion to your room and ceiling height. Very tall headboards look great with high ceilings but will dominate a smaller room.

bedroom bed headboard
A floor standing headboard can be made to match your bed frame for a more complete look.

What type of headboard will work best for you?

There are three main types of headboard to choose from: Wall mounted, floor standing or with struts.

  • A headboard with struts fits directly onto your bed base so it can be moved as a single piece. This is the most flexible option as you can usually adjust the height according to the thickness of your mattress.
  • A wall-mounted headboard is attached to the wall behind your bed at your desired height. This is a good choice if you are going for an oversized headboard.
  • A floor standing headboard reaches right down to the floor and is attached to the bed with screws. This gives a more complete finish and is the sturdiest option of the three.

What kind of finish are you looking for?

Because you’re not going to be sitting on your headboard, it won’t get ‘used’ in the same way as other furniture. This means you can also use more delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet or chenille, as well as leather (real or faux), linen and PVC. Light colours will obviously look dirtier more quickly so it’s best to choose easy to clean fabrics for lighter shades. If you have young kids that climb up on your bed and lean up against the headboard repeatedly, something with a higher polyester content and a lower pile is advisable.

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