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Tried and tested: Luxe Organics skin products

An alternative to mass-marketed cosmetic products, organic skincare has increased in popularity over the years as many of us seek out more wholesome ingredients with few or no preservatives. With an emphasis on cleaner and greener products, new online retailer Luxe Organics now offers a range of products from international brands in Singapore. This month, our panel goes organic.  


KEEN TO TRY NATURAL SKINCARE: Susan Hobson, British, full-time mum
‘I have two small children and a busy home routine, so sleep can be seriously lacking. For this reason, I try to stick to a regular skincare routine, which includes weekly facemasks to prevent my skin from looking tired. I was interested to test-drive the Dr Alkaitis Organic Universal Mask ($55) as I have been trying to use organic beauty products wherever possible.

The packaging is clean and simple, and the product itself comes in a green powder form that is mixed with water to create a clay mask that dries on the skin in 10 to 20 minutes. Personally, I prefer a mask that is ready to apply, but the process isn’t difficult.

The product is 100-percent natural, which is excellent, although it means the mask does not smell particularly pleasant – something like a combination of moss and soil. My face, however, felt very refreshed after I removed the mask with warm water, and it made me feel good to know it was all-natural.’

Ng Yi Xian 

LOOKING TO HYDRATE SENSITIVE SKIN: Ng Yi Xian, Singaporean, homemaker
‘I have dry and sensitive skin that peels easily, and because of this I tend to stick to products with a gel consistency, but they are often not hydrating enough. I dislike thick creams and oils, though, so it’s quite hard for me to find the right product

I tried La Bella Figura Pure Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil ($125), which turned out to have a light texture – not at all greasy. It was absorbed very quickly into my skin, which immediately looked glowing and hydrated.

I applied it before bed and woke up with a healthy-looking complexion, and even after hours of being outdoors my face still looked hydrated yet non-greasy.

I’ve also started to rub any excess oil into my nails and hands. Even after washing them a few times, my hands still feel moisturised. I’ve even used it on my hair after a hair wash and it feels shiny and silky. I’m also a fan of its light smell!’


SEEKING A PRODUCT FOR EZCEMA-PRONE SKIN: Sharon Chua, Singaporean, HR director
‘After trying out the La Bella Figura Modern Radiance Concentrate with Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract ($220) for the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a significant enhancement to my skin tone.

Upon first application, I really enjoyed the soothing and pleasant sensation, and almost instantly my skin looked more radiant and luminous, felt more hydrated and supple and much less sensitive.

I’ve tried different brands in the past, but they’ve taken a long time to deliver results and they don’t always agree with my skin condition. The Modern Radiance Concentrate is enriched with potent natural vitamin C ingredients; it’s very soothing for eczema and irritation.

My friends have noticed a positive difference in my complexion. Gradually, over the course of a few weeks, my skin has looked healthier and fairer, with fewer dark spots and a more refined texture. It’s given me a renewed sense of self-confidence, which suits my hectic lifestyle. I’m now keen to try out the other La Bella Figura products; I’d definitely recommend this one to friends and family.’


ON THE HUNT FOR A GOOD MOISTURISER OR BASE PRODUCT: Kimberley Plant, Australian, full-time mum
‘I’m an avid user of oils as they suit my oily skin type and the Singapore climate, so I was excited to try the VERED Therapeutic Balancing Facial Oil ($95).

When you open the bottle, you’re hit with an invigorating lemon scent. To apply, I massage a few drops onto my face and décolletage. It’s absorbed into my skin quickly and leaves no oily residue.

During the day, the oil creates a smooth base for my makeup, leaving me with a slightly dewy finish that doesn’t become shiny. In the evening, under my night cream it provides extra moisture, and it hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin.

The only issue I have with the product is that I would’ve preferred it to come with an easier-to-use dropper or pump dispenser. However, overall I’d definitely recommend it.

About Luxe Organics
An online retailer stocking natural and organic skincare, Luxe Organics aims to take the guesswork out of shopping for cleaner and greener brands. It provides full ingredient listings and guarantees the authenticity of every one of its products.