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Tried and tested: Laneige Trouble Relief Line for adult acne

Our skin has a lot to contend with. Stress, hormonal imbalance and health problems, as well as external factors like the weather and pollutants, can make it more sensitive and prone to breakouts. The new Laneige Trouble Relief Line has been touted as the latest effective solution for adult acne. This month, our panel of readers puts those claims to the test. 


‘Since moving to humid Singapore five months ago from freezing Melbourne, I’ve noticed certain changes in the condition of my skin. For this reason, I figured now was a good time to change the products I’ve been using for the past ten years. I was thrilled to be able to try out the Laneige Trouble Relief Spot Gel ($38) because, due to the slick of sweat that constantly covers my face here, I’ve experienced more breakouts, especially on my forehead.

‘The Trouble Relief Spot Gel has proven to be an excellent solution for these annoying spots. I’ve found the lightweight formula is suitable to put on underneath makeup, it absorbs fast and when I used it at night my spots disappeared within a few hours, or at least shrank dramatically in size. The product eliminated all redness and, despite having very sensitive skin, I didn’t experience any reaction.

‘Overall, I was really pleased with it and will continue to use it in the future.’
Anna Lloyd, homemaker, Australia

Before (left) and after: Liana 

‘Having oily skin, my pores are quite large and tend to clog easily. I have to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup every night, otherwise I break out the next day. This involves a three-step cleansing process, which can be a chore to carry out, especially after an exhausting day.

‘When I first opened the pack of Laneige Trouble Relief Cleansing Tissues ($35), I was quite sceptical. I followed the instructions and dampened the tissue before massaging it all over my skin. The tissue started lathering up and I was pleased to find it removed all traces of makeup from my skin. It also had a gentle exfoliating action, which made my skin feel really soft. I followed by rinsing my face with water a couple of times before using my usual toner and moisturiser. 

‘I did not break out the next day, nor the day after, and was very impressed! I really like this product a lot, not only because it’s effective and saves me time, but because the lightweight, dry tissues are also great to pop in your bag for travelling.’
Liana Talib, client services and production coordinator, Singapore

You'd probably let her give you a massage 

‘One doesn’t expect wonders in the first few days of trying a new product, but I was pleasantly surprised that my skin didn’t break out even more when I started using the Trouble Relief Toner ($45), as can often happen to me when changing skin care products.

‘Adult acne is a bit more challenging than the usual pimples, as it tends to form as bumps under the skin that persist for ages. Having tried in the past to squeeze such spots, I’ve found that it does more damage to my skin than it’s worth.

‘After just two weeks of using the toner, my skin appeared to be clearer as well and I have not developed any new spots. Even though the product contains alcohol – which I like as I feel it does provide that extra bit of cleansing after washing my face – it doesn’t feel like it’s stripping the moisture from my skin. I’ll definitely continue to use it and would like to try the moisturiser from the range too.’
Nicola Thomas, IT project manager, South Africa


The Trouble Relief Line is available now at all Laneige counters. Visit laneige.com.sg for a full list of stockists.