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Tried and tested: Juice cleansing in Singapore

By: Amy Brook-Partridge

With 28 juice cleanse companies currently in Singapore, and so many home-juicing systems to choose from, I didn’t know where to start. So I asked American owner and chef at juice cleanse company Rejuicenate, Christopher Remaley, about the benefits, and embarked on my first juice cleanse to find out for myself.

How did you get into juice cleansing, and why?
While living in New York, I’d been a private chef for families, including celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen and Robert De Niro and his family. I was travelling so much for the job and was always on call. The long working hours just wore me out. I wasn’t taking care of myself, I wasn’t exercising and I was constantly eating on the go. So I reached out to a nutritionist friend.

She wanted to change my diet; but first she suggested a juice cleanse to help change my relationship with food, and I had the most powerful experience with it. After the cleanse I started drinking herbal tea instead of coffee, and eating fruit instead of chips, and my brain just kind of switched.

It’s not a weight-loss solution, although I have lost weight and I feel fantastic. I personally drink the juice all day long until dinner, and then I have a full meal. It’s been really awesome for me: my energy is great and I sleep better.

There’s been negative press regarding cleansing, focusing on whether the purported detoxification benefits actually work. What do you say to that?
Okay, I’m not a doctor; I’m a chef. And we work really hard to make sure these juices have enough nutrition within them that your insulin doesn’t spike. It’s not a miracle cure; our cleanses are more aimed at giving your body a rest and pressing the reset button. I liken it to a car: if you don’t change your oil in your car it starts to run poorly. Drinking only these juices for three or five days is not an easy thing to do, so there’s an added sense of accomplishment after you’ve finished.

Why should someone choose to use your products rather than juice at home?
What we offer is convenience and taste. Yes, you could do this at home, but a three-day cleanse requires 18 bottles, and that’s roughly ten kilos of fruit and vegetables. That’s a lot of chopping, and a lot of processing. Also, our juices are blended and quality-tested by myself or my talented sous chef before they go out, to make sure they are perfectly balanced. I make the juices with the same care and passion as I do my food.

What makes you different from other juicing companies?
For one, we are the only juice company that is helmed by chefs. As a trained chef, I only source the best possible ingredients and have sought out partners and suppliers who can provide us with the highest quality produce and fruit. We also have a strong relationship with many local farmers; we have a farmer who grows a particular type of kale for us, for instance.


Rejuicenate Reviewed

Our cleanse:
The beginner’s Rejuicenation Cleanse, 5 days, $500 per person. Juices include Mean Green, Pineapple Punch and Coconut H20.

Amy: I was pretty apprehensive about the thought of a five-day cleanse with no solid food. I’m known for getting extremely grumpy if I’m hungry, and I find it hard to go for three days straight without a glass of wine. But I was hopeful that this cleanse would reset these inner issues.

The first and last days, when I wasn’t in the office, were the hardest, particularly when I was with the kids. I enjoyed almost all of the juices, particularly the evening Liquid Dessert, which I poured into a glass and drank with a spoon to make it feel more like a meal.

The sense of achievement afterwards was amazing; I felt stronger, and more able to make sensible decisions about my food habits. I’m drinking more herbal tea than coffee, and I lost a little bit of weight too.

James: Overall, the cleanse was a great experience. It was tough at times, but I felt incredible the day after it ended, both mentally and physically: it was the best I’d felt for a long time.

My favourite juices were the Liquid Dessert and the Red Label Smoothie. The hardest part was the caffeine withdrawal, as I usually drink a lot of tea; but I would definitely do this cleanse again.


What’s Next?
Rejuicenate has recently started making dehydrated snack products, including coconut jerky and banana almond bread, which are available online at rejuicenate.net. The company is branching into catering and is now making healthy meals for selected Pure Fitness outlets. It is also planning a programme that pairs food with cold-pressed juices, and is working on nutrition-labelling that will provide information on the calories, protein and carbohydrates in its products.


This story first appeared in Expat Living’s April 2015 issue.

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