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Tried and tested: the latest face cleansers

Cleansing with the right product for your skin type is the key to a healthy and balanced complexion. This month, Expat Living staffers trialled four new face cleansers. Read on for their verdicts!

face cleansers
We review four new cleansers in the market

1. June Jacobs Anti-Aging Blemish Control Foaming Cleanser

“I’ve got combination skin (oily forehead and nose, dry cheeks), so I like gentle yet effective cleansers – formulated to get rid of dirt, oil and impurities without stripping away moisture. Though I like foaming cleansers, I tend to go for creamy ones as they leave my skin feeling fresher.

The June Jacobs Anti-Aging Blemish Control Foaming Cleanser claims to combat the visible signs of premature ageing, and to reduce blackheads and blemishes. It contains salicylic acid, an excellent acne-fighting ingredient, so it seems ideal for those with spot-prone skin.

The packaging is transparent, and one full pump dispenses enough product for one wash. I like how I can see how much is left in the bottle too, so I’ll be able to gauge when I’m running out. The foam has a slightly herbal scent – it’s calming and soothing. The foam texture itself is soft, light and bouncy, and very easy to work into the skin with my palms.

After a few weeks of use, I’ve noticed that my face has become a little less congested and slightly clearer. My usual breakout before that time of the month was less evident and more manageable. Blackheads-wise, I haven’t noticed much of a difference. After using the product every day for the past two weeks, the level in the bottle has dropped rather significantly, so I’m getting through it faster than expected!” — ANTHIA CHNG

2. The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask

“I look for products with formulas that are mild and non-drying, but that still give a deep clean. Importantly, they also have to smell good! What’s more, I’m a sucker for packaging with clean designs made from quality materials that look pretty on my shelf and feel good to hold, too.

My first impression of The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in-1Wash. Scrub.Mask was that it smelt incredibly refreshing. I love tea tree and eucalyptus scents, and it left a subtle but lingering aroma, together with a cool, tingling feeling. Texture-wise, I felt that the tiny scrubbing beads are just right for a good scrub without being too rough on the skin.

I’ve been using it daily as a face wash, as well as a scrub and mask. It’s definitely one of the gentlest scrubs I’ve used – and my skin feels a lot smoother, especially after using toner and moisturiser. I only wish it would control the oil on my T-zone a bit better, because I find that area getting oily within an hour.” — CHRISTEL GOMES

3. Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

I’m prone to the odd zit around my T-zone, especially around the chin area, but have quite visibly dry skin on my cheeks. Any cleanser I use has to be nonirritating so I don’t have any flare-ups.

On first impressions, I wasn’t keen on the black packaging of Boscia’s Detoxifying Black Cleanser, but found the product very interesting. It’s a cross between a lotion and a gel, thin in texture, black in colour, and warms up as you work it into a lather in your hands before applying it onto your face – and it smells like Turkish delight!

The product promises to dissolve pore-clogging oil, makeup and other impurities to refine, brighten and minimise the look of pores. It definitely made my skin feel firmer and tighter. I’m accustomed to using a cleanser that makes my skin feel hydrated, but with this one I felt I needed to use a toner afterwards. I think I’d need to use it for longer to see any positive effect on pore size!

My skin did definitely look a bit brighter, so I was generally happy with the results, and the cleanser delivered on its claim to remove makeup well. Being somewhat a creature of habit, however, I already have an all-time favourite cleanser, so I’d probably not use this one again. The warming effect put me off slightly too, and I didn’t notice that my skin felt particularly “detoxified”. — EMI FINCH

4. Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Foaming Cleanser

“I have combination skin that’s prone to oiliness around the T-zone; I also have some age-related lines. Not having used a foaming cleanser before, I was interested in trying Algenist’s Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Foaming Cleanser, which promises to visibly minimise fine lines and wrinkles, boost radiance and smooth out the skin.

The biotechnology descriptors “alguronic acid and microalgae oil” got me excited, and I was intrigued that the company is based in San Francisco. Also, the green colour of the bottle reminded me of all things marine. The only negative on the packaging front to me is the tiny font. Hello, anti-ageing products are generally used by older people whose eyesight is ageing along with their skin! The bottle also has a measurement gauge in millilitres running up the side.

I found the formula’s scent very pleasant – it smells of coconut and vanilla. The bottle itself is clear and the cleanser is liquid within the bottle, but it comes out as a light foam from the dispenser pump.

I had no expectations that the product would visibly reverse the signs of ageing in just a few weeks, but I did notice that my skin felt very clean and firmer after use. I find it comfortable to use on the skin, and it doesn’t dry my skin out. Another plus is that it doesn’t leave any residue, like some cleansers do. For those reasons I’d definitely use it again!” — KATIE ROBERTS

This article appeared in the February 2017 edition of Expat Living. Head to the Shop to get your copy!

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