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Tried and Tested: EL readers review Botox and non-surgical facelifts in Singapore

For quick, effective and longer lasting results for aesthetic appearance, three EL readers visited David Loh Surgery and undergo non-invasive treatments. Here is their verdict.

Stephanie Hassell, UK, Housewife
Stephanie Hassell, UK, Housewife


Wanting to get rid of frown lines

I have quite deep frown lines and after turning 40 last year, I thought it was about time to either cut a fringe or have Botox. Despite assurances from my friends who said Botox is the best thing they’d done, I was quite apprehensive.

I went ahead and booked an appointment with Dr David Loh for a Botox ($800) procedure. On entering the clinic a friendly receptionist ushered me around the corner to the waiting area that’s out of the passer-by’s eyesight. Next, Dr Loh and I discussed my wrinkles and what I would like and what was realistic.

The process was so quick and surprisingly pain free. Dr Loh’s lovely assistant gently cleansed my face and applied an ice pack to my forehead for a couple of seconds before the doctor injected the Botox. Three quick pricks at the top of my nose between the eyes, four along the top of my forehead, a couple on the outer side of each eye and it was done.

That evening my head felt very heavy but with some painkillers it was fine. I had a small bruise on the side of my right eye, hardly noticeable but they gave me some gel to apply morning and night. I was to return in 10 days for touch up if required and make sure everything was okay.

I’m not sure I noticed anything on day one, but by day four I could definitely see a difference in my forehead. The wrinkles weren’t so deep as if someone had ironed them out, and it’s a little bit harder to raise my eyebrows!

It should take full effect after a week or so and hopefully last up to four months. If I were to have it done again I would definitely go back to Dr Loh – he made me feel so at ease and also very confident in him as a practitioner. It’s more expensive than having a fringe cut, but hopefully will have a better effect!

Stephanie Hassell, UK, Housewife

Diana Thomson, New Zealand, Relocations Consultant and Presenter
Diana Thomson, New Zealand, Relocations Consultant and Presenter


Wanting to reduce appearance of eye bags and lift saggy skin

I don’t have regular facials but have had Botox a couple of times since my frown lines became obvious. Months ago, fillers were suggested in addition to Botox but I just couldn’t get my head around the concept.

Dr Loh assured me that Voluma Liquid Facelift ($2,000) was a safe and reliable option and also reversible. He carefully explained the history of fillers and reassured me of his skill and experience. His proposal was to use it on my cheeks to lift the sagging skin and reduce those under eye bags. I was committed but unsure of the result. The procedure was a strange and uncomfortable one, but not painful. Most of all it was fast, hence its reputation as a ‘lunchtime procedure’.

After the treatment my cheeks felt hard, they were a little swollen and red but not painful. I felt comfortable enough to go for a snoop around the shops. By day three I didn’t feel anything different, but I could smile again. Those permanently tired bags appear to have vanished, and as a result I feel more confident when I need to look my best. The treatment lived up to my expectations and I can see why it’s so popular.

I’m unsure if I will have it again any time soon as I want to see how long it’ll lasts and what it’ll look like in, say, 18 months. I admit the price proposed to “plump up my permanently tired eyes” also put me off, so I’m unsure if I would spend that amount.

Diana Thomson, New Zealand, Relocations Consultant and Presenter

Before (left) and after: Michelle
Before (left) and after: Michelle


Wanting to get rid of wrinkles and lift sagging skin

Is it cocktail hour? You might want to have a few drinks before going in for the Ulthera Non-surgical Facelift ($3,800). It’s uncomfortable. It pulses tiny little bursts of some kind of energy – what feels like hot needles – under the skin to encourage collagen growth.

The David Loh Surgery clinic was very modern and the doctor was very friendly. I appreciated that he explained everything in detailed beforehand. He watched my pain cues and did what he could to alleviate the pain as it occurred.

Can I just say, hello cheekbones? The moment Dr Loh was done I could see a difference. My husband came home and said I looked pretty. And my triple chin…it’s a double chin now. Really, it’s improved dramatically. The awesome thing is he said I wouldn’t see full results for two to three months. Wow. I’ll set the clock back 20 years at this rate.

During the treatment, I kept asking myself why on earth I was doing this painful treatment. Did I really care about a few (a lot of) little wrinkles? Then I take a look in the mirror every morning and see my new look. Yes, it was worth it and I can see myself doing it again. I’m just waiting on my brow line to lift, which actually required a super painful injection to numb the area first. He said the treatment would have been too painful without it! And it was painful with it. Seriously, have a few drinks or some valium. You’ll thank me.

Michelle Johnson, US, Stay at home mum

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