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Tried and tested by EL readers: Kerastase hair products

Singapore’s tropical climate can play havoc with our tresses, causing oiliness, scalp irritation and unmanageability. This month, in an attempt to combat their hair woes, EL readers put products from Kérastase to the test.

Rachel Howard
Rachel Howard


My hair is short and straight and can get greasy very quickly, so I have to wash it daily. As a result, my scalp often gets itchy and I’ve suffered on and off with dandruff since my teenage years. I find that most anti-dandruff shampoos and hair treatments don’t produce results and leave my hair dull, limp and lifeless.

I tried the Kérastase Bain Exfoliant Shampoo ($39) for two weeks. The blue colour of the shampoo was initially off-putting, and it didn’t have any scent, which was unusual. Despite first appearances, though, it left my hair feeling shiny, soft and healthy, and considerably reduced my dandruff over the two-week period. Its grainy texture with gentle exfoliating beads was pleasant and gave my scalp a thorough cleanse with each use.

For this reason, I would buy the shampoo again and recommend it to others suffering from dandruff outbreaks. It has the rare combination of effectively cleaning the scalp without over-drying the rest of the hair.

Rachael Howard, market researcher, United Kingdom

Katie Simmons
Katie Simmons



I have long, dry, wavy hair and a dry scalp, and for this reason have to use deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis. Since relocating to Singapore six months ago, I’ve also experienced increased hair fall, particularly around the crown.

I tried Kérastase Aminexil ($390) – a hair treatment that claims to give back density to thinning hair – for just over three weeks. The directions were to apply it to the scalp every day, and I used it on my main problem areas around my hairline and crown.

After just three weeks, friends around me were noticing a difference. The hair at my hairline was growing thicker, and I was experiencing less hair fall than usual. If your hair is thinning or falling out, I would definitely recommend trying this – have patience and let the product work. The treatment has also motivated me to take better care of my hair!

Katie Simmons, radiation therapist, US

Brynie Fidan
Brynie Fidan



As a full-time mum, my time is precious. I like products that are easy to use and don’t create mess or have too many instructions. I also regularly suffer from an oily scalp, which I’ve put down to Singapore’s humid climate.

I test-drove the Kérastase Bain Divalent ($39) for oily hair and was very pleased with the results. The product has a nice scent and a light texture. Usually, my hair and scalp become oily approximately 24 hours after washing, but with this shampoo I was able to style my hair unwashed for 48 hours. Now, after regular use, I only have to wash my hair every other day.

I would strongly advise those with oily hair and scalps to try this product – I’ve already purchased the matching conditioner! The only downside is that the shampoo and conditioner together cost almost $100, but I believe the price is worth it for the great results.

Brynie Fidan, homemaker, Australia


Kérastase products are available for purchase at Kérastase consultant salons. For salon listings, customers can call 6738 3113.

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