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Trend alert! Men’s aesthetic treatments

As aesthetic treatments become less invasive, with fewer scars and less downtime, more men are opting to improve their appearance with the help of an aesthetic doctor. From male pattern balding to body sculpting, guys are no longer shying away from nips and tucks. Dr David Loh of David Loh Surgery and Vice President of The Society of Aesthetic Medicine, tells us more about the trend.

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More men are opting for non-surgical beauty treatments

Has there been an increase in demand for aesthetic/anti-ageing treatments and procedures from men at your clinic?
Definitely. It used to be only 10 percent or less when I first started my practice back in 2002. Now, more than 30 percent of my patients are men. One of the main reasons is because the newer treatments have little or no recovery time.

In the past, cosmetic surgery was associated with bruises and bandages – extended recovery time and exaggerated post-surgery features. Naturally men shied away from such invasive and extensive procedures. For one, they can’t conceal bruises with make-up, and secondly they loathe taking time off work for reasons associated with vanity.

With the newer methods and technologies, it’s now possible to get reasonably good results with no recovery time at all. Hence more men are keener to undergo such procedures and are more comfortable talking about their experiences with their spouses or male buddies.

Another reason we have seen an increase in male clients at our clinic is because we specialise in treatments like High Definition Liposuction, The Liquid Facelift and Ultherapy, which are very popular with male patients because they require almost no downtime. Also, my partner, Dr Phoon Yi Shan, performs hair transplants to treat male pattern baldness.

Is there a specific group of men seeking to improve their appearance aesthetically?
Men have now realised that in addition to getting fit and trim in the gym, they can also improve their physical appearance by visiting an aesthetic doctor. This in turn boosts confidence and helps advance their career or business. We’ve found that highly-driven male corporate types enjoy the feeling of having control over their appearance, as well as their career. Not only do these men embrace aesthetic treatments, they will often travel the world looking for the latest technologies and the most skillful doctors. And these results driven individuals usually have no qualms talking about it.

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Body sculpting is an easy, painless way to tackle stubborn fat to reveal defined muscle

How do your consults with males differ from those with female patients?
Unlike women, whose primary motivation is to look better, men almost always have a higher objective. For men, the aesthetic treatment is often a means to an end, for example to advance their careers or find a suitable mate.

What are various concerns men seek to address with treatments?
Men are usually concerned with male pattern balding, stubborn fat and sagging skin on the face. Unlike women, wrinkles and pigmentation don’t usually bother them.

My partner Dr Phoon Yi Shan performs hair transplants at our Park House clinic to restore hair loss due to male pattern balding. I sculpt bodies into shape with High Definition Liposuction – a treatment that tackles stubborn fat to reveal muscle and provide athletic definition. Male clients who need that extra help to shape and sculpt their already athletic-looking bodies are usually the ones who request this treatment.

We offer two treatments to tackle sagging skin on the face. The first is a combination of Botox and filler injections I call the Liquid Facelift. The second is Ultherapy, which uses ultrasound technology to lift and tighten skin non-surgically. It is no coincidence male patients gravitate towards these procedures – they can gently reverse the sagging face with minimal or no recovery time. So far, my clients have all been very happy with the outcome of their treatments.

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