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Traditional British sweets, crisps and snacks for kid’s party bags in Singapore

The Brits call them ‘sweeties’, the Yanks ‘candy’ and the Aussies ‘ lollies’ – but whatever you want to call them, there’s no denying that we do love our confectionery in Singapore! Thankfully, it’s not much longer until we get a valid excuse to eat more of the stuff with Halloween and Christmas around the corner. TUCK, where you’ll find popular and traditional British sweets and crisps online and delivered to your door, tell us it’s one of their busiest times of year.


To keep kids happy during these festive times, it’s all about kids party bags in Singapore in Singapore – or so say TUCK! This year TUCK has shipped in a Halloween range of goodies from the UK, and can even pop it into one nifty bag for you to include: Cadbury Mini Scary Fingers, Cadbury Screme Eggs biscuits and Cadbury Mini Animal Halloweenies – delish! Like Halloween and Christmas, birthdays (sadly/thankfully – whichever way you want to look at it) only come around once a year, and TUCK has ideas for them too.

Hands up: who’s experienced this classic scenario: you arrive with your precious offspring to a birthday party and – boom – the first thing your little darling says to the host is, “Can I have the goodie bag?”… (the shame, and not even a “please?’ or ‘May I?’ to go with it! Don’t worry, you’re in fine company!)

Which edible treats should appear in said, coveted loot bag? After some ‘compulsory’ taste-testing (out of the Gift Box kindly delivered to us by TUCK – they deliver all over  Singapore  by the way), EL has helped come up with a handy ‘must-include’ into a retro party or loot bag (depending on which part of the world you’re from) checklist:

  • The not-so-humble Sherbet Dib Dab (who remembers those?)- individual paper bags with a lollipop submerged in icing sugar, which you literally ‘dib’ into the sugar then ‘dab’ into your mouth, made in just the right size for a party bag.
  • The Wagon Wheel – the very old-school round biscuit with marshmallow centre!
  • Dolly Mixtures – one of the best-loved, and iconic retro, of British sweets – excellent party bag material.
  • Jacobs Mini Cheddars– looking for a party snack that’s not fried? These little bad boys are baked and cheesy. Good for kid’s lunchboxes too.
  • The Candy Watch – oh my-  little edible bits of candy make up the strap and a more enviable piece of edible candy forms the watch face- with a time printed on it to boot! All for the munching: bar the piece of elastic holding it together!
  • Walkers assorted Toffees and chocolate éclairs- only a few, mind, they’re not great for the gnashers, and this is a kid’s party bag after all.

To get these and a whole host of other retro sweets or snacks from the United Kingdom delivered to your door in 1-3 days and FREE delivery if you spend over $50: click on to www.tuck.com.sg


They also stock drinks such as the Firefly, a natural revitalising juice with natural botanicals with absolutely nothing artificial and exclusive to TUCK, in case you needed another tasty reason to visit their site!


Pssst…….if you over indulge in a secret party bag for yourself (always good to make up a few spares!) then check out the Olaf Scooter– also available in Singapore exclusively through TUCK. This is rather a fun piece of kit, which allows you to scoot to and from work or around and about, thus shedding post-party pounds. It’s got an added bonus of having a secure place on board for your gym kit, work or stay-cay bag. Handy!