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Tough Mudder Indonesia! Think you’re up for the challenge?

When the Expat Living office heard that the infamous and bonkers fitness challenge Tough Mudder was coming to Asia there was a little frisson of excitement (okay, that was just me). Sign up first and ask questions later is just my style – so here are the answers to some burning questions about the first ever Tough Mudder Asia, from the licensee of Tough Mudder Indonesia, PT Seroja Indo Mandiri (is it too late for me to back out?).

tough mudder bali, fitness, exercise
Getting dirty and fit at Tough Mudder

Why bring Tough Mudder to Asia?
We believe that Asia is one of the most dynamic parts of the world. Tough Mudder is entering the Southeast Asian market at an opportune time as there is a strong demand for this type of event but limited options are available. Indonesia is a strategic intersection between Asia and Australia. As a popular tourist destination, we are confident an inaugural event in Bali will attract both local and international participants and spectators.

Has the course been selected?
Tough Mudder Bali will take place in Jimbaran Hijau in the South of Bali, and will feature pristine forests.

How long will the course be?
The course will be close to 16 kilometers due to the significant contour of the topography and the general heat and humidity we are expecting. The exact length will only be revealed around three weeks before event day as we will have people testing the course for difficulty levels until we find the right match.

Can you confirm any of the obstacles now?
Similar to the course length, the final obstacles will be confirmed around three weeks before the event.

Be honest, how fit do you need to be?
Your body must be in a relatively fit condition to overcome the physical challenges and endurance of the course. Although the challenge is daunting, the fact that it is not a race and you can go at your own pace with people supporting you, makes it very different from any other.

We do recommend that participants are able to run at least five kilometers non-stop and work on various movements in strength and agility. Many of our training partners have emphasised hanging and climbing/hanging in particular as specific movements to train for, which will surely be a component in the course.

tough mudder bali, fitness, exercise
Monkeying around at Tough Mudder

Will there be waves for different abilities?
No, we won’t discriminate between levels of fitness or experience. The philosophy here is to have a mixture of people at various ability levels and create an environment of camaraderie.

Can you dodge an obstacle if you want?
Yes, you can skip an obstacle if you feel uncomfortable with it, at no penalty. Although there will be lifeguards on duty, we strongly advise people who are not strong swimmers to skip deep-water obstacles. Tough Mudder is about overcoming your fears and accomplishing something you haven’t done before, however that being said, safety is always first.

Apart from a massive sense of smugness, what do you get at the end?
At the finish chute, participants will get a colour headband that correlates with the number of times they have completed the Tough Mudder challenge in the past. Finishers will also get a t-shirt and an ice-cold beer, or alternative non-alcoholic drink.

What’s on once you’ve run, dangled and dragged yourself to the end?
After crossing the finish line, participants can rinse and change clothes, and proceed to enjoy the activities at the Mudder Village, where there will be music, food, merchandise and sponsor activations. The event will close down shortly after dark.

Where should I stay?
Our partners, Panorama Tours have provided us with various options for accommodation during the event weekend, which we are sharing on an inquiry basis. Email us at Indonesia@toughmudder.com to request for these packages.

Tough Mudder Indonesia happens 1 and 2 October and costs 1,745,000IDR, which is S$180 for international entrants (i.e. anyone not in Bali).

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