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Top tips for travelling safely

Common sense is not that common nowadays, so here are four often overlooked and neglected tips for staying safe and happy on the road.

1. Go digital

The old-school method is to photocopy your passport, visas and necessary travel documents and keep them in a separate part of your luggage – good start. But the old ‘uns aren’t always the best ‘uns. We also suggest scanning and emailing them to yourself, so your documents won’t go missing even if your bags do. That said…

2. Track your luggage

Every year, approximately 68,000 items of luggage never reach their owners, so it’s wise to invest in a luggage tracker such as Trakdot (trakdot.com) or luggage with an inbuilt tracker such as Crash Baggage (crashbaggage.com), so you don’t end up in a beautiful surfer’s paradise with no surfboards.  

3. Avoid PDA

As in Public Displays of Affluence. Now, we’re not saying that everyone is out to rob you, but given that you, as a foreigner, practically have a cash sign stuck to your forehead, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Bring that limited-edition camera if you must, but keep it in a bag when not using it instead of hanging it around your neck.

4. Back glance

Sounds like something your mother would nag you to do, but trust us, it works. Get in the habit of looking back when you get up to leave – you don’t want to leave a jacket, or worse, your wallet, at the restaurant.

Top Tip: If you’re travelling to developing countries, remember to visit your doctor to get vaccinated and learn what health precautions you should follow.