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Top Singapore phone apps for daily life

Top Singapore phone apps for daily life, Singapore

Here’s our pick of phone apps that’ll make your life in Singapore that little bit easier.


1. gothere.sg ($2.99)
Get directions to your destination for bus, train, taxi or by car. Info includes estimated trip duration, fare and even the street view. The last we asked, most if not all locals and expats swear by this app.
2. WhereTo.sg (Free)
Handy for the last-minute need to locate a 7-Eleven, bus stop and supermarkets etc.



3. SG Buses (Free, also available on android)
Ditch the bus guidebook. This app is a complete bus directory of bus routes, bus schedules and next bus arrival time.
4. SMRT Book a Taxi (Free, also available on Blackberry and android)
This app and the one below do essentially the same thing – they help you book a taxi. Note: apps might not be very useful during peak hours, though it varies.
5. ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking (Free, also available on Blackberry and android)
6. Carpark@SG (Free, also available on android)
Compare carpark rates and availability in the vicinity of your destination to make parking in Singapore a breeze.
7. iChangi (Free, also available on Blackberry and android)
Get up-to-date flight arrival and departure information at Changi Airport so you’ll never forget the arrival of the relatives again.



8. SoShiok (Free)
9. HungryGoWhere (Free)
10. Makansutra (Free)
Where and what to eat? These three apps allow you to read reviews and recommendations by food critics to decide where your next meal will be. Regardless, you can be sure that there’s no lack of food places in Singapore.



11. Showtimezz (Free, also available on android)
Check movie timings, seats availability and book tickets for all major cineplexes.


Just for Fun

12. Hosay! (Free)
Brush up on your Singlish (Singapore English). Comes with audio and definitions for each phrase, so you can now order your kopi in a thick local accent!