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Top restaurants that deliver in Singapore


It’s Friday night, your tummy is beginning to eat itself, there’s nothing but a lemon in the fridge and you can’t be bothered to leave the house. Your missus isn’t in, so you can’t even emotionally blackmail her into feeding her big caveman. Time for a takeaway? Hell yes. 

So what to go for? For a large portion of the time, we’re in a curry or pizza mood. During this time, nothing other than curry or pizza will do. At other times, we’ll be feeling a little spicy and opt for Mexican or Thai. Missing home? Some decent Western food could do the trick. Got company? Push the boat out and go with some French glamour. And if the other half is in and bleating about a diet, sushi is always a winner.

But how can you avoid spending the best part of an hour Googling restaurants, downloading menus and calling them up to make sure they deliver (takeaway doesn’t always mean delivery, trust us, we’ve been burned before) – every time you want a different type of food? Particularly if you’ve just arrived on the island and haven’t got a Scooby where to start?

Presenting our new favourite website (aside from EX.sg, naturally) – Food Panda. They’ve got over 200 restaurants to choose from, they ALL deliver and the Food Panda website is easy peasy to use, with all the info you need in one place.

All you have to do is stick in your postcode and a list of restaurants appears – you can browse the whole list for inspiration or refine your selection by type of cuisine, plus you can order eateries by user rating, delivery time, delivery fee and more. You can even stick in a price range if you’re hanging in there until pay day. The whole menu is there for you to see – you don’t get redirected off somewhere and if you still manage to get in a pickle, you can log onto live chat for a hand. 

The smart chaps at Food Panda basically take all the hassle out of ordering takeout on the island. As you can tell, we’re big fans of the site, so it’s only fair if we share our top five restaurants for you to choose from.

Omar Sheriff
One of the best takeaway curries we’ve ever had, ever. We’ve tried pretty much everything on the menu and every dish is different and equally tasty. Big fans of the sheesh kebabs too. Fast delivery, food is piping hot and they always throw in a free treat.

We told you we were pizza and curry fans! These pizzas are thick, crammed with toppings and come with extra sauces, sprinkles – you name it, they’ll shove it on a big, manly pizza. The chicken BBQ really floats our boat.

The Shepherd’s Pie
Does what it says on the tin. All different types of shepherd’s pie in one glorious place. Go for the classic beef if you’re a real man.

Yup, as in the one in Clarke Quay. If you’ve got a few people over and want a hearty selection, Chilis puts on a great spread. They offer all sorts of options, but we’re a sucker for their chicken fajitas with a corn on the cob.

Alcohol delivery
Well, it’s not always about the grub is it? You can even get hold of alcohol through Food Panda, which is perfect if you’ve got a few mates around and can’t be bear to leave the group and nip to the shops. If you haven’t got a car, these guys allow you to preorder booze, so you can have everything ready to crack open as soon as the party starts. They have everything too – from different types of beer to every flavor of vodka under the sun. You wont find that in Cold Storage.