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Top moving companies in Singapore: Readers share their recommendations

Moving within Singapore or relocating elsewhere? Save yourself hassle by leaving it all to the professionals. Five EL readers told Michelle Ng how their moving company made moving a breeze.


Allied Pickfords

6862 4700 | alliedpickfords.com.sg

Conny Jamieson, The Netherlands
Conny Jamieson, The Netherlands

“We moved from Tokyo, where our family had spent the past 20 years, to Singapore in April 2012.

I grew up as an expat child, and my mother used to say to me, ‘Home is where you hang your hat; so make it your home as much as you can, even if it’s only for a short while.’ We always moved all our furniture and belongings with us, regardless of where we were, which gave me a sense of security and continuity. So I decided to do the same for my family, in the hope that it would smooth the transition for my two children.

I have been collecting antiques and odds and ends from all over the world for the past 30 years. In the end, we shipped 727 boxes of belongings in nearly two 40-foot containers, along with two retrievers and three cats.

Allied Pickfords is well known in Japan and I knew a number of people who had used them. Our contact in Tokyo went to great lengths to ensure the shipment would be well expedited and fitted into our timeframe. The packers in Tokyo were amazingly quick and did a good job.

My main concern was settling into the new house in Singapore. The biggest help we got was from the superb Allied Pickfords handyman who came in to hang all our pictures and paintings, as well as deal with some other minor tasks.”

Conny Jamieson, The Netherlands


Asian Tigers Mobility

6261 8116 | asiantigers-mobility.com

Andrew O'Brien and Holleigh Mason, Australia
Andrew O’Brien and Holleigh Mason, Australia

“Last May, my family relocated to Singapore from Melbourne. It was a fairly hurried move, so we didn’t get much time to consider what to pack and what not to pack. We were also unsure if our Melbourne home was going to be rented furnished or unfurnished, so we were quite a troublesome couple!

We had rented a condo above ION and quickly realised they had very strict rules about moving in and out. However, we seemed to have a supervisor from Asian Tigers with us at all times and at least six guys lugging boxes, so they made it feel quite seamless.

Everything was going fine until we realised we hadn’t organised a valet unpacking service, and the apartment was filling up fast. Additionally, the new couch we bought could not fit into the lift or stairwell and we were on the 31st floor! Just as everything was unravelling, in walked Liz Cavanagh from Asian Tigers. She immediately poured a glass of wine to calm us and dialled for the emergency valet packers, who were in the apartment within the hour to help. As for the couch situation, let’s just say the Swarovski crystal guest lift is still in one piece.

Liz was truly our shining light, as she knew exactly what she was doing. Since then, we have become great friends. In fact, we had Liz as the witness at our wedding, three months after arriving in Singapore!”

Andrew O’Brien and Holleigh Mason, Australia


Geometra Worldwide Movers

6841 7880 | geometramovers.com

Michael Karb, Germany
Michael Karb, Germany

“My family moved from Feldafing in Germany to Singapore last December. We didn’t have many special requirements for the move, except that we had a total of six bikes.

My employer recommended Geometra Worldwide Movers, as part of a pool of moving companies. I chose them because of their attractive pricing, coupled with their professionalism when they visited our home back in Germany. They seemed to know what they were doing and were very service-orientated all the way through.

We ended up filling a seven-metre container. The main challenges were figuring out what items were prohibited to bring into Singapore (alcohol, for example) and what items to leave behind in Germany. We were also unsure if we should use the expensive airfreight service, but Geometra gave us tips based on their experience.

What certainly helped us a lot was that we carefully listened to the moving company when they visited our home, as they provided lots of useful advice and tips.”

Michael Karb, Germany


Oranje Movers

6778 9060 | oranjemovers.com.sg

“We recently moved back to New South Wales after a nine-year stint in Singapore.

We knew of Oranje from an Inside Story similar to this one, in an earlier issue of Expat Living. I intuitively chose to contact Oranje, and after our initial introduction to Alvin and his prompt quotation and assurance, we decided to use their services. Big companies are not always better; sometimes a smaller, personalised company like Oranje is what you need.

Most of our belongings are items we have collected from Southeast Asia. Some special antiques from Burma were our main concern, as everything is replaceable except historical items. Oranje allowed us to bring in our expert antique packer to oversee the crating and packing process, so everything went smoothly.

Also, we found we had gone over the 20 tonnes we had initially booked, but Alvin solved the problem for us via email at 11.45pm that very night! He changed our booking to 40 tonnes of cargo, but using only 60 percent capacity, which ended up saving us money. Alvin is very hands-on and has a skilled team, all of which were key to our smooth move.

Our best tip to readers is to pack your personal items yourself and write down what you’ve packed on a piece of paper. Drop the sheet in before sealing the box, and unpacking will be a breeze. Also, it’s a nice touch to supply the packing teams with drinks and energy bars to show your gratitude.”

Louella and Paul Henderson, Australia


SIR Move Services

6534 7345 | sirmove.com

Ghislaine Taylor, France and UK
Ghislaine Taylor, France and UK

“We recently downsized from a bungalow to a condo closer to Orchard Road. Special requirements for our move included the transport for a few large paintings and our pool table.

We have known and used SIR for seven years now, both for office moves and our family’s moves within Singapore and overseas. Besides competitive pricing, we like that they handle all aspects of the move and provide the necessary support such as a handyman, and TV and pool table specialists. This is the third time SIR has moved our pool table!

For the move, I returned to Singapore just 30 minutes before the packing crew arrived, but there was no need for panic because we had already discussed the details of our move before I left the country. When I came back, the crew leader reconfirmed the details, surveyed the furniture, assigned labels based on their future room location and proceeded to pack without much further input from us.

I find it very hard to plan for meals when you’re moving, but thankfully, two of my friends arrived with packed lunches on different days, which was a huge help!”

Ghislaine Taylor, France and UK

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