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Top bedding for a great night’s sleep

If you want to sleep snug as a bug, night after night, you’ve got to make sure you’re using the right bedding. Most of us already know how dust mites live in our beds, surviving on all that moisture that seeps into the mattress (up to half a litre of it!) while we sleep. NocheNoche has recently landed in Singapore, and is the only waterproof tencel fitted bedsheet that prevents spills and grime getting into the mattress.

There’s more good news: NocheNoche is offering Expat Living readers 20 percent off on all products until the end of December, making them the perfect Christmas gift too. Just key in the promo code “LIVING20” when placing an order online.

State-of-the-art Sheets

NocheNoche bedsheets are made from Tencel, which promises a seriously comfortable night’s sleep. The sustainable fabric is faster absorbing than cotton, softer and stronger than silk, and cooler than linen. The material is also infused with zinc oxide, giving anti-bacterial and anti-odour effects, meaning a hygienic and pleasant night’s sleep for all.

Noche Noche bedding
Tencel fibres measure a 50 percent improved moisture management compared to cotton

Then there’s the little surprise on the underside of the sheets: breathable waterproof polyurethane membranes. These act as a second skin between liquid spills and your mattress or pillows, protecting against issues such as bedwetting, sweating and dust mites. The membranes are also noiseless, which means no irritating squeaking or creaking through the night.

Buying Your New Bedding

With a huge range of bedsheets and pillow cases available in Singapore, customers can purchase the products online or in person, at its showroom. NocheNoche bedsheets come as either fitted sheets  on their own, or in sets including fitted sheets and pillowcases, and are perfect for adults and children.

Getting a decent night’s sleep can help you mentally, emotionally and physically, so why not do all you can to try and achieve it?

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