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Top arts classes in Singapore

For any up-and-coming Picasso, Anna Pavlova or Kevin Spacey, Singapore has plenty of opportunities to hone and nurture creative talent. See below for a list of great classes on the island, and why your child should trot along.


Centre Stage School of the Arts

Acting in action 

So your child wants to perform? The Centre Stage School of the Arts is a great outlet for creative little ones. Peter Hodgson from Centre Stage School of the Arts provides some advice for parents of budding thespians.

How to overcome stage fright

Everyone gets nervous and with good reason, performing in front of an audience is rather like being thrown to the lions, and there is always a moment when you realise there is no turning back!

• Be well prepared, learn your lines
• Always arrive early, with plenty of time to prepare
• Do physical and vocal warm ups, plus relaxation and breathing exercises
• Finally, keep breathing; six short breaths and three deep ones just before you go on can really help

Faust International Youth Theatre

A low-key role as one of the Pink Ladies in a local theatre production of Grease still evokes pride and fond memories for me, even if it was 25 years ago. As parents today, it’s natural to want your own children to experience the same thrill of the theatre.

Aarti Hemnani, General Manager of Faust Youth Theatre, explains that children derive tangible benefits through drama. “Confidence, communication skills, creative expression, practical performance skills and enjoyment are some of the things that come from both making and watching theatre,” he says.

Drama workshops for children aged four to 16 at Faust are full of fun and learning, and are a creative outlet for children with or without drama experience.

Also try:

Act3 International

126 Cairnhill Road

6735 9986 | act3international.com.sg



Tanglin Arts Studio

Katja Paus, owner of Tanglin Arts Studio tells us why dancing is a fabulous activity for children.

How is dance part of a balanced childhood?

Whilst training the brain and body, creative activities provide an escape from the academic discipline of school. Dance helps to develop fitness, balance, posture and muscle strength, plus pattern recognition through rhythm and keeping in time. Memory skills are developed as children learn and recall choreography. The best part is that all of this “work” is actually fun.

How do you see children develop through dance?

Children grow in confidence as their skills improve. Some may be initially quite shy but blossom in a non-academic environment, while others are naturally confident and can channel that in a creative and constructive way. Children easily make friends and, regardless of different backgrounds and schools, everyone is on a level playing field inside the studio.

The school offers a range of classes including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, acrobatics, and lyrical, for boys and girls.

Also try:

Kids Performing Academy of the Arts

#02-29 Millenia Walk

6836 5008 | kidsperforming.com


Little Artists

We couldn't draw this if we went on a four-year course 

For the past 15 years, Little Artists has taught children, aged two-and-a-half to 17, the fundamentals of colour and composition, art mediums, techniques and, most importantly, an appreciation for art. Jessica Goh (13) has attended classes for seven years, progressing through different age appropriate courses. She answered a few questions for us.

How have your skills developed?

When I first started out, I could barely colour inside the lines, and needed the teachers to help me touch up. Slowly, with practice and determination, my drawing and painting skills improved to make my pieces look like those hanging on the studio walls.

What have you learnt?

Mediums such as oil, watercolour, oil pastel and charcoal are now very familiar to me. I know how to blend colours properly and achieve a variety of textures. I’ve also learnt to trust the teachers; the artwork always turns out how I’d actually wanted it to look.

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Art Boot Camp



Tanglewood Music School

Tanglewood offers all sorts of classes for stringed instruments, piano and guitar.