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Top 10 world beer prices


It won’t come as much of a surprise to discover that Singapore is the world’s fifth most expensive country to buy a pint in.

Greenland, followed by Norway top the World Beer Price list put together by Pint Price, a handy website that tracks the average cost of the humble pint in 206 countries across the globe.

Head to Tajikistan if you’re looking to get the most ales per dollar with the average price being just 30 pence (60 Singapore cents).

Closer to Singapore is Bhutan which is the second most affordable country at 36 pence, while North Korea and Myanmar lie in joint fourth position at 38 pence (80 cents).

If staring at this massive pint is making you both thirsty but you’re strapped for cash, don’t stress – we’ve found plenty of ways to score cheap booze in Singapore. For starters, we’ve got this guide to blagging free alcohol (it’s even easier than you think).

And if that’s not enough for you, we’ve even gone and found the best way to brew your own beer (we’re talking 23 litres for £92) with the help of this handy make-it-yourself kit.