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Top 10 celebrity tweets


We’ve sifted through the mountains of vitriol and celebrity ad nauseam to bring you these Tweety gems…

“I don’t believe in most of you either.”

“One man thought ‘Let’s name the band Spandau Ballet’ and four other men agreed.”

“I watched a kid have an epic meltdown in the cereal aisle. I’m taking his side, Cheerios are not Fruit Loops. His mom was being a arse.”

“I don’t see why the last day of the Olympics shouldn’t be all the gold medalists playing dodgeball till we have an ultimate champion.” @Stephen_Colbert

“Presidential election today when we finally find out just how batty America is…”

“One of the toddlers on the Intensive Care Unit is playing with a toy donkey. ICU baby, shaking that ass.”

“Iran’s supreme leader has joined Facebook – which has been banned in Iran since 2009. Now that’s a novel social media strategy.”

“If I was invisible I’d kick a mime artist to death, so at least he’d die with everybody thinking he was great at his job.”

“Russian dolls are so full of themselves.”

“Victoria’s Secret: she was born with both.”