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Top 10 athletes who went into showbiz

By: Jake Riggir

Sometimes sport stars stretch their abilities to outside of the sporting arena. Many of them end up being coaches and commentators, but this lot had a crack at proving they’ve got more going on outside of the court/ field/ ring. Sometimes it worked out, other times it didn’t…

Don't NV m3 

10. Deion Sanders – Football, Baseball, Rapper
Regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time, Deion Sanders is the only player to have won both the Super Bowl and a World Series. During the 1989 season, he hit a Major League home run, and scored a touchdown in the NFL in the same week. The first and only player to do so. However, Sanders decided to stretch his talents a bit too far with his 1994 release Prime Time. It barely cracked the Billboard Top 100 Hip Hop charts. One could imagine why, with such classics as “Y U NV ME?” and “Must Be The Money”.


Clearly missing the NBA days

9. Kevin Johnson – Basketball, Politician
In an athlete-turns-mayor story, the three-time NBA All Star became the first African-American mayor of Sacramento. After breaking numerous records for the Phoenix Suns, Kevin had a strong desire to stop gang violence and clean up the streets. On 5th March 2008, he announced he would run for mayor of Sacramento. He is currently serving his second tenure as mayor.


Every actor needs a head shot

8. Eric Cantona – Football (soccer), Actor
While leading Manchester United to four Premier League titles across the five years he played for them, it may surprise you that Eric also had a career in acting. He has appeared in multiple French films from 1995 to the present day, and continued his career in football throughout that time.


Tough nut

7. Vinnie Jones – Footballer (soccer), Actor
After playing for Wimbledon, Leeds United, and Chelsea, Vinnie Jones went on to enjoy a reasonably successful acting career. Often typecast as aggressive type characters (shocker), you may have seen Vinnie in Eurotrip (football hooligan) Snatch (mercenary) Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (debt collector) and many others.


Great pose

6. Bernie Williams – Baseball, Musician
Bernie played for the NY Yankees for his entire 16-year career, becoming an All Star five times and breaking numerous batting records. But he is also classically trained guitarist! Following his retirement from baseball, Bernie has released two jazz albums and was even nominated for a Latin Grammy.


Hmm... odd

5. Terry Crews – Football (American), Actor
It’s not that well known that Terry Crews, the man behind the Old Spice commercials – and other comedic roles, actually started out playing for multiple teams in the NFL. It’s not that surprising when you see the size of the bloke, especially playing Cheeseburger Eddy in The Longest Yard.


He had the smile until he read the reviews

4. Shaquielle O’Niell- Basketball, Rapper, Actor
The four-time NBA champion had a reasonably successful rapping tenure during his time on the court, even having one album going platinum in 1993. Shaq has also appeared in numerous films and television shows, most notably Kazaam, a movie which received terrible reviews.


So lovable

3. Mike Tyson- Boxing, Acting (kind of):
Though being criticized throughout his boxing career for his unexplainable actions in (and out of) the boxing ring, we have grown to sort of love Mike through his role in The Hangover. He was playing himself  mind, so some might not call that an acting career as such, but, boy, did he do a good job. So much more than just a cameo appearance.


Too easy

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Wrestler, Actor
Though some might not consider wrestling to be a real sport, The Rock was truly an athlete. The ten-time WWE World Champion has had a very successful acting career after his breakthrough role in The Mummy Returns.


Hasta la vista, baby

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Bodybuilder, actor, politician
After winning the Mr Universe title, plus the Mr Olympia title seven times, the extremely successful bodybuilder turned into an extremely successful Hollywood star. After appearing in heaps of films, most notably The Terminator, Arnie he then changed career paths again. He’s now a super successful politician and is currently the Governor of California.