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Tips on travelling light with kids

Five handy tips on travelling light with your family

1. Choose the right bag
Think light, durable and suitable for your destination: urban, off-the beaten track or a combination of the two? Remember carry-on baggage limits.

2. Make a list
Many seasoned travellers claim you often do not need more than three changes of clothing. Try and pack some detergent with you to do some laundry. Check out the weather in your destination.

3. Buy bulky items at your destination
Another space hog in your luggage is toiletries. Consider buying items like shampoo at your destination instead. If you are travelling with infants and toddlers, consider bringing enough nappies to last a day or two, then stock up at your destination.

4. Get the family involved
Get the kids involved in the packing! Have the kids lay out everything they want to bring on their trip and then decide if each piece is necessary. Each child could be given a small, durable backpack to bring toys and necessities and make it their job to carry. Remember to keep the backpack light.

5. Quantity control
Take a critical look at all that you’ve packed for your trip. Weigh and repack if it’s to heavy! Happy travelling!