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Time-lapse video using google street maps

Hyperlapse, use Street View to make a video 

Time-lapse videos are the new Instagram, fact. But up until very recently you’ve needed to have some basic photography know-how to create a truly impressive video (yes, more than selecting a filter).  

So Canadian agency Teehan+Lax  have created a web tool called Hyperlapse that lets you use Google Street View photos to create time lapse videos. Just select a starting and a finishing point on a Google Map and click create. The nifty web tool then stitches together hundreds of street view photos to create a drive through video of your route.

Trust us it’s super easy, very cool and pretty addictive. We’ve had most success using long straight roads like the ECP and the West Coast Highway. You can also move the mouse around the screen as the video plays to move the scene left, right, up and down – akin to actually moving your head as you look out the window. Like we said, it’s very cool.

Hyperlapse works best using Google’s Chrome as your web browser and obviously the more powerful your machine the better. The old work laptop might not be up to it, but hey, there’s a good excuse to head back to the Apple shop.

As well as making your own timelapse you can watch short films that have already been created. Take a road trip along the Brooklyn Bridge or see a South African sunset  – you’ll soon find making hyperlapse videos on Singapore’s short roads a little restraining. But hey all the Google-street-viewed-mapped-world is your oyster.