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Thumbs Up for Tigers

Show your support for the world’s most magnificent cat by joining in the global “thumbs up for tigers” campaign. Take a “thumbs up” selfie and post it using the tag #thumbsupfortigers.

thumbs for tigers campaign
Take your selfie now to help the tigers


Your photo will be showcased on the Thumbs Up for Tigers website alongside others from people worldwide who want to actively show governments and other decision-makers that they care what happens to this very special species.

thumbs for tigers campaign
Show off your tiger-stripped thumbs to support the tigers


PS: Did you know that each tiger has a unique set of stripes which identifies it? Not unlike our human fingerprints! Find out more about tiger conservation and about Global Tiger Day now.

Thumbs up for tigers
Hold your thumbs up to support the tigers

Look for the article in Expat Living’s September issue about Mike Baltzer, the man with the job of helping double tiger numbers by 2022 for WWF. He talks about the situation and the count at the critical half-way point in 2016.

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