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This simple step could improve your sex life

Couples can experience problems in their sex lives for a variety of reasons, but one common – often undiscussed – cause is vaginal laxity. Most often caused due to age, menopause, childbirth or genetic factors this perception of looseness can affect one’s body image, desire as well as arousal and enjoyment of sex. Laxity can also lead to a loss of sensation during intercourse leading to dissatisfaction for both partners. Some women may also experience urinary incontinence.

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Rekindle the passion

Causes of vaginal laxity

One of the main causes of vaginal laxity is giving birth naturally. Vaginal tissue, like skin, is made up of collagen. Hormonal changes during pregnancy loosen the tissue of the pelvis in preparation for delivery and a normal vaginal delivery stretches and damages the collagen further.

Most women and couples however don’t seek help in such situations because they are either too embarrassed to talk about this problem or are unaware of the treatments available for female sexual dysfunction.

What can you do about it?

David Loh Surgery now offers a quick, painless and efficient solution to this intimate problem. The Viveve System is an office based, non-surgical treatment that doesn’t require any anaesthesia or down time. Offered at the Park House Clinic, you’re ensured of absolute discretion and privacy with its private car park just steps from the entrance.

During your session, you will be in the able hands of Dr Phoon Yi Shan, the lady doctor at the clinic. The Viveve System uses a low-intensity radio-frequency delivered accurately to the tissues around the vaginal wall to promote collagen regeneration and tissue tightening. During the 30-minute session, the treatment tip about the size of your thumb, is inserted into the vaginal opening and delivers radio-frequency energy while simultaneously cooling the vaginal surface. Built in sensors ensure that each pulse delivers optimal results. Over the next one to three months, the new collagen ensures progressive tightening of the muscles and tissues.

While the Viveve System will not solve sexual problems stemming from emotional and physiological factors, it can help boost sexual confidence. A single session delivers desired results, though you’re advised yearly sessions to prevent laxity from recurring.

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