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Thinking about Ulthera aesthetic treatments? Here are 5 reasons to consider this popular cosmetic procedure in Singapore

By: Michelle Wonderland

Fact: Party season is here already, and last year’s photos rendered you a bit dull in the image department. But you’re leery of Botox. You can’t commit to the time and cost of a facelift. And you really can’t spend the few days of downtime and bruising that dermal fillers sometimes bring. A great facial will only last you a few days, yet for the next month you’ll be pinkies up in front of flashbulbs that aren’t always kind to your features. There’s a simple way to boost your camera-readiness this holiday: have you considered Ulthera?

Where to get Ulthera in Singapore- Valentin Low in Paragon

Reason #1 to consider Ulthera: You look like you’re frowning, even though you’re not.

No matter how many duck-face selfies we take, as we age, we can’t naturally prevent our skin from sagging. Unfortunately, we can’t wear a bra for our face either, and without a boost, we may begin to look like a sad clown. Tightening creams are great, but can be expensive with consistent use. There’s no need to keep standing in front of the mirror and stretching your face back to what it looked like 10 years ago.

Reason #2 to consider Ulthera: The treatment lifts your skin right from the beginning.

Ulthera works with ultrasound technology to penetrate the dermal layers far more effectively than laser treatments. By activating tired collagen, Ulthera lifts from the inside-out, making your skin more elastic from the get-go.

Reason #3 to consider Ulthera: It keeps working even after you’ve had the aesthetic treatment.
Although you’ll see the results after the first session, Ulthera keeps working to boost collagen for months after your treatment. It’s like having your own little face assistant working around the clock to keep doing the heavy lifting for you.

Reason #4: Ulthera is totally and completely safe. Period.
The FDA has cleared Ulthera for use, so you don’t have to worry about strange side effects associated with other treatments that boast “fountain of youth” properties. Nor do you have to go under the knife for a nip and tuck – a bonus if you’re scared of sharp objects.

Reason #5: Ulthera is quick, easy, and relatively pain-free.

Treatments can last from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the treatment plan.  Loads of aesthetic treatments claim that patients can return to normal activity afterward, but anyone who has suffered dermal injections might say otherwise (“oh, what’s that? You say it looks like a spider bit my face?”) From personal experience, we can confirm that you will step away from the treatment with a spring in your step knowing that no one will really know how you spent your lunch hour.

If you’re considering a nonsurgical facelift or other youth-boosting cosmetic treatment in Singapore, finding an experienced practitioner in aesthetic medicine is the key to success. Dr Valentin Low has been a well-known fixture in helping to make the women of Singapore look and feel great about their appearance for over a decade. Dr Low performs Ulthera treatments, as well as many other complementary procedures in beauty and cosmetic treatments. Ulthera ranges from $2,800 onwards, depending on individual conditions. You can visit Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic & Laser Clinic at their convenient Orchard Road address, located within Paragon Medical Suites above Paragon Shopping Centre.


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