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Things to do in Singapore: Eight great activities for dads and kids

By: Ezra Gideon

Father’s Day might have been last month, but that doesn’t mean we’ll leave you high and dry while Mum’s on vacation! Here’s a host of cool activities to get your kids’ noses out of their iPads and exploring the island with Dad instead.



Until your child reaches the age when he or she knows how to drive and can help you tinker with your motor, go-karting can fill the void. Most go-karting places prioritise safety while allowing both you and your kids on the track for some good ol’ fashion racing. And for those little ones who find themselves struggling with the sharp turns, Kartright Speedway can help them, with its series of beginner classes.



If you’re not the type of dad that does well when it comes to small talk with little people, this is the perfect activity. A set destination will give you and your children a goal to work towards, while getting fit at the same time. Old Upper Thomson Road and its nearby reservoirs are good places to cycle, but if you’re low on bikes, Changi’s East Coast Park has rentals and tons of cycling paths for you to try with your kids.



Bubble Soccer
Would you believe that this version of soccer is becoming a bit of a craze worldwide? Having the top half of your body trapped inside a bubble as you run around bumping into your kids may look a little silly, but it’ll be a ton of fun – for you and for them. You’ll get a good dose of exercise, too. Definitely advisable to try if you have more than one child!



Rock climbing
While it might be a little scary for your son or daughter on the first day, rock climbing is an amazing way for them to learn how to tackle physical obstacles. This extreme sport also builds hand-eye coordination while increasing fitness levels – and it’s a great way of bonding with your child too. If you’re clueless on where to go in Singapore, The Rock School at Upper Changi Road is a great place to start.



Visiting the zoo
Singapore has one of the world’s best zoos, and as you’ve no doubt heard already, it’s a perfect place to take kids. Other than the huge multitude of animals in barely-confined enclosures, this national pride boasts extremely child-friendly qualities like souvenir shops, snacks at every corner, and a fun water playground. It’s quite a lot of walking to tour the entire facility, but it will keep your children occupied for hours.



Horse riding
Horse riding is not only outdoorsy and fun, it improves children’s hand-eye coordination and their sense of balance. Bukit Timah Saddle Club offers a range of riding opportunities, including Sunday morning pony rides for little ones, so if you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try!



Another useful outlet for entertainment and education is The Little Things, whose weekly sessions teach your children how to hold their own in a real kitchen setting while giving them knowledge on meal preparation and safety. Children as young as four can start cooking. Soon you’ll be able to set up a father-and-child cooking team at home and surprise mum with a meal!



This classic pastime mightn’t force you to work up too much of a sweat, but it’s still moderately sporty and challenging. It’s also a great place for grabbing some snacks and striking up a quality father-and-child chat. The Superbowl branches at Toa Payoh and Jurong East are excellent locations to consider if you’re thinking of shooting down some pins.