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Theft in Singapore: The facts – plus is home insurance necessary?

Few events would be more jarring than returning home to discover that an intruder has broken into your house or apartment and made off with your valued possessions – not to mention damaged your property and tainted your lovely, safe sanctuary. And while home theft is rare in Singapore, it’s certainly not unheard of (facts below).

Home break-ins in Singapore are rare, but not unheard of
Home break-ins in Singapore are rare, but not unheard of


Many of the items that are most commonly sought after by burglars include irreplaceable objects like heirlooms, jewellery and unique furnishings. Robbers also look for your personal data, which we tend to keep on computers, phones and tablets. It’s normal to feel angry, stressed and violated after discovering that someone has trampled all over your home. But there are ways to prevent becoming a victim.

The facts
According to the Singapore Police Force, in 2013 an estimated 29,668 theft-related crimes occurred in Singapore; of which 507 included breaking and entry. While these figures represent a slight year-on-year reduction – thanks in great part to our law-enforcement agencies – the reality is that these figure indicate that roughly one in every 180 residents was the victim of a theft, and about one in every 2,200 households experienced a burglary, during the past year.

The first line of defence is to make sure your home is as uninviting to thieves as possible. Invest in security measures such as an alarm system, closed-circuit video recording, vault or secured safe, and, of course, by using strong password protection.

However, it is also critical to make sure that you have a solid contingency plan in place in case you do become the victim of theft. By purchasing a comprehensive home insurance policy from a trusted provider, you can limit your exposure to loss and avoid financial damage as a result of the break in. A home insurance provider would replace or compensate for any breakages or stolen items. And while it may not bring back the sentiment of certain pieces that were taken, at least there will be no monetary burden as a result of the nasty incident.

With electronic theft at an all time high in recent years, many home insurance policies also feature benefits to protect you against credit and identity theft. As anyone who has ever been the victim of identity theft can attest to, going through the process of undoing the damage caused when your digital information is stolen and misused is a frustrating and anxiety-inducing experience.

Beyond theft, you can also secure a home insurance policy that includes damage caused by unforeseen disasters such as fire, water damage, wind, vandalism and more. It can even cover an accident in or around your home that you (or the kids!) cause personally.

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