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The Wrinkle Whisperer

Looking good has come a long way from the early days of cosmetic and plastic surgery, and when fillers and Botox were new. The results back then could often shock the living daylights out of friends, fans and family.

“Now it’s different, it’s all about looking natural, but still looking younger and fresher,” says Singapore aesthetic doctor, Dr Yvonne Goh. “I believe in the need not to over Botox and kill expression, nor do I see the need to overfill lines and lips. We want to make wrinkles just fade away and our skin to look firm and toned without anyone knowing you’ve had any work done!”

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Creating a natural look with a ‘beauty strategy’

For many years, Dr Yvonne has been been the ‘Wrinkle Whisperer’ to the A-List, without anyone guessing they’ve had any work done. She feels that incorporating a ‘beauty strategy’ should be part of everyone’s life. She says: “We can all benefit from the scope of treatments and skin care regimes that are available now.”

This approach is what makes her different. “It’s not about looking completely unlined or wrinkle-free, it’s about looking age appropriate. We all want to look younger, but it’s got to be so natural that no one will be able to tell, and the process needs be a combination of prevention and cure.”

Cure involves smoothing the lines with Botox or filler – it works wonders on crow’s feet, lines around the lips and of course frown lines. Using the ultrasound treatment, Ultherapy, to lift and stimulate the formation of collagen is both a prevention and remedy as it helps tone the skin and boost collagen growth.

“Prevention is really important and getting Botox done early enough so wrinkles don’t have a chance to become deep is a good approach to both prevention and maintenance. And then there’s the ‘biggie’ – sun protection. It’s so important, especially in the tropics, to protect your skin. Too much sun exposure is a huge factor in sun-induced ageing and a significant cause of wrinkle formation,’ says Dr Yvonne.

“It’s a bit of a hassle to remember to use sunscreen every day, so I have created an all-inclusive Multivit Sunscreen SPF30 which incorporates multivitamins, mosturiser and SPF in one nifty formula, so you won’t forget to apply sun protection.”

If you would like more details on clinical face creams, how to get rid of that double chin, or more advice on what you can include in your beauty strategy visit:

Dr Yvonne Goh Aesthetics
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Camden Medical Centre
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