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The values-driven international school in Singapore that everyone is talking about

What sets one international school apart from another? A question many a parent has asked themselves as they join yet another school tour. Of course, curriculum is a guiding factor – American, Australian, English or International Baccalaureate, for example – as well as a school’s reputation for its sporting, arts or language specialties, but you’ll find that the unique culture of a campus is equally important when choosing the perfect fit for your child (you know, just how happy and engaged the students seem when you poke your nose into classrooms during lesson time). One World International School (OWIS) totally gets this and has introduced a new initiative that centres on values, relationships and learning.

From active volunteering in the wider community to its involvement with Global Kindness Movement, coupled with a strong philosophy of student participation and parent involvement, OWIS’ new One World Action and Values system is committed to fostering the importance of relationships and students’ consideration towards others and themselves. Cue an emphasis on planning, action and accountability, together with teamwork, responsibility, leadership and a willingness to improve (skills which will no doubt come in handy for future leaders in the workplace one day). Feel-good factor aside, the programme aims to develop inquiring and independent lifelong learners, whilst nurturing compassionate, confident, caring and well-balanced global citizens.

The next generation of global citizens at OWIS
The next generation of global citizens at OWIS


The new programme cement’s the school’s philosophy of ‘One World, One Community’ and fits it perfectly with OWIS’ curriculum. In the Early and Primary Years, the school follows the Primary Years Programme authorised by the International Baccalaureate (IB) which encourages students to be, among other things, reflective, open-minded and principled communicators and thinkers. For the Secondary Years, OWIS offers a structured curriculum with an inquiry-based approach to provide a sound foundation for students to follow towards the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Add spacious classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, Macbooks and iPads, a well-stocked library and learning centre, a multi-purpose auditorium, specialist classrooms for Science, Art, Music and Drama, and designated outdoor areas for sports, physical education and outdoor play (plus an adventure playground and back garden), and you can be assured your future leader is on the right track!

Student participation and sportsmanship are encouraged at OWIS
Student participation and sportsmanship are encouraged at OWIS


Founded in 2008, One World International School is part of the Global Schools Foundation (GSF), a Singaporean-based, not-for-profit foundation that educates students of over 56 nationalities across 20 campuses in seven countries. It is non-denominational and multi-cultural and aims to serve global communities with high-quality and affordable education.

696 Upper Changi Road East, 486826;

6542 2285 | owis.org