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The Packing Plan: We chat to the team at Interport Executive about how to get organised

If you’re moving apartment or house, or relocating to another country sometime soon, here’s a month’s worth of comprehensive moving tips to stick on your fridge in the rundown to the big day. As the team at Interport Executive Movers points out, good planning can mean the difference between a trouble-free relocation and utter chaos!


4 Weeks Before Packing Day

• Decide which items should be discarded or donated to charity.
• Have a thorough cleanout. Consider holding a garage sale.
• Obtain your family’s dental and health records from your doctors.
• Notify your children’s school and inform them of your relocation.
• Give notice to cancel any newspaper, food or other deliveries.
• Make travel plans and hotel reservations, including buying air tickets.

3 Weeks Before   

• Plan to use up most of your food items before the move.
• Check and clear tax assessments.
• Arrange to have major appliances serviced before you move them.
• Instruct your post office to redirect mail to your new address.
• Advise friends, colleagues and family of your change of address.

2 Weeks Before   

• Decide which items you’ll pack, and which ones you’d like the moving company to pack.
• Remove or place items that are “not going” in a corner or in the spare room.
• Return library books and other things you’ve borrowed. Collect things you’ve loaned.
• Arrange to close bank accounts and release all bank deposits.
• Protect your shipment from damage by disposing of flammables.
• Remind your spouse to bring home any items from the office that require packing.
• Draw up a floor plan of your new home, and indicate placement of furnishings. It makes moving much easier.
• Provide sufficient notice to service providers to disconnect your telephone, internet and cable TV.

1 Week Before

• Place things you want to be packed together in separate areas; for example, air, sea, storage, items not going.
• Anything being packed by the moving company should be left in its original place. It’s easier and safer for them to pack glassware, for example, directly from a cabinet.

1 Day Before

• Defrost, clean and dry the refrigerator and freezer. If possible, let it air-dry for at least 24 hours.
• Set aside games, snacks, books and other items to occupy the children while travelling.
• Plan to carry passport, air tickets, important documents and valuables with you.
• Pack suitcases, including all items you will need until the arrival of your shipment. Be sure not to pack your passport.
• Arrange for Singapore Power to read your gas, water and electricity meters and refund your deposit.

Packing Day

• Be as organised as possible. Stay in your residence throughout the day to give directions to movers.
• Carry all your valuables and important papers with you.
• Make a final check room by room to make sure nothing is left behind. Once everything is loaded, sign the inventory list and keep a copy.
• Be sure the moving company has the full address and contact numbers at both origin and destination.
• Contact your moving consultant to make sure you have the final invoice and settle all payment prior to your departure. If this is not possible, advise the moving consultant before packing day.