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The natural drop: Buying organic wine in Singapore

Ever had a splitting headache from just one glass of vino? Over-indulging isn’t the only reason for feeling dusty after a drinking sesh. Wine quality, in fact, has a part to play too. Not yet convinced? Italian wine retailer Bacco is known for selling high quality naturally-produced wines that pair well with Asian grub. So, naturally, we spoke to their experts to find out more.

Bacco Wines wine retailer Singapore
Bacco Wines

Bacco prioritises quality above all else; this online retailer stocks an array of organic reds, whites, roses, bubbles and dessert wines, imported from boutique wineries in Italy. Browsing their website, it’s clear these guys are serious about wine. They offer their customers intimate details of each wine sold – including grape variety, region and winery.

Bacco stocks organic wines from Italy
Bacco stocks organic wines from Italy

We speak to wine specialist Laura Goddard for tips on avoiding a mouthful of chemicals in your next bottle.

  1. Additives like acetaldehyde may be the culprit for your morning after hangovers. Moderate quantities of a good quality wine, made with minimal chemicals, shouldn’t give you a headache.
  2. Suffering from allergies? Try going for an organic or bio wine, which can help avoid side effects like rashes.
  3. To differentiate an organic wine from the rest, look out for the organic or bio certifications on wine labels. Examples are the green icon of a leaf of stars used on European bottles, or the words “Vino Biologico”, or the “Organic Wine” label on a US wine.
  4. There are many small-production wineries that offer healthier wine but do not yet have the official logo on their bottles. Spot these hidden gems by requesting for details of your wine from a good wine supplier.


Wine tasting Bacco
Wine tasting sessions in action at Bacco!


Want in on the organic wine trend? Check out Bacco’s bi-monthly wine tastings here or here!
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