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The Hover Bike – almost as cool as a podracer

Hover Bike - or Tandem-Duct Aircraft
Hover Bike – or Tandem-Duct Aircraft


Footage of the Tandem Duct Aerial Vehicle, or Hover Bike for short, is getting Star Wars fans excited.

The video shows a prototype flying machine hovering over the Mojave Desert in the US. It was made by engineers at Aerofex who say the Speedracer-like machine, which can fly up to 15 feet above the ground, responds to a human rider’s natural sense of balance. The pilot controls it in a similar way to a motorbike, “the pilot feels naturally in command with little prior training,” says the Aerofex website. Just like a Jedi!

Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any plans to commercially produce the Hover Bike as Aerofex engineers are concentrating on creating  an unmanned version to test  later this year.

Aerofex founder Mark De Roche told CBC News “Eventually, a computer will do the work. This is just how we develop technology. You get a feel for the nuances of the machine by being on it that you wouldn’t necessarily get from sensors.’

And for the sceptics among you, De Roche said “Yes, the videos are real. That’s why the quality is so bad.  We’re all a bunch of engineers, we don’t know how to create CGI movies.’

Disclaimer: No Stormtroopers were hurt in the making of this video.